Malaysian Tech Company TOGL Aims to Lead the SEA's Social Communications Landscape.

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Malaysian Tech Company TOGL Aims to Lead the SEA's Social Communications Landscape. | Hi everyone, if you read my sharing before about Yippi, you might have some overviews about this app.

Hence, this post will share more about TOGL, the one that brought Yippi live in this new era. This 2023, TOGL aims to expand its horizons with Yippi in social, shopping, tourism, and dining industries. 

TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd (TOGL)

TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd (TOGL)

Established on September 26, 2017, TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd (TOGL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toga Limited in Malaysia. Established with their mission is to build Southeast Asia's premier Internet economy system and create an entrepreneurial platform for individuals and SMEs, TOGL has been continuously developing and improving new technologies to improve people's quality of life through technology.  

TOGL first baby is the social and communication application Yippi. Whereas in 2019, Yippi also incorporated Toga Resonance Technology (T-RT), which was launched by Toga Limited at the Singapore Fintech Festival

T-RT encodes a series of natural frequencies that resonate with the natural energy frequencies of the human body, neutralizing or protecting the life force field of surrounding environments and users from electromagnetic radiation (EMF) in the generated vibration energy.

Hence, Yippi’s focus on mental and physical health through social connections and T-RT is a breakthrough for the app.   

Official Website: 

TOGL’s has received many awards throughout its establishment that includes:

  • Achieved ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System 

  • Selected for the Prestigious GAIN Program by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) 

  • Received the SME100 Awards in 2020 for Malaysia’s Fast-Moving Companies from Business Media International 

  • Received the International Innovation Awards 2020 

  • Received Golden Bull Award 2020 for outstanding SME 

  • Received The BrandLaureate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) BestBrands e-Branding Awards in ICT, in 2020 

  • Received Asis Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards in 2021 for Asis’s Most Promising SMEs 

  • Received Golden Bull Awards 2021 for Outstanding Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) through Yippi.  

  • Received Asia Responsibly Enterprise Awards in 2021 through Toga Resonance Technology (T-RT) 

TOGL's Flagship Product ; Yippi!

TOGL's Flagship Product ; Yippi, Launches a New Experience

As one of the super apps in the market, Yippi's biggest highlight is the creation of a rewards ecosystem, powered by Yipps rewards points.

Yippi Rewards points not only can be used for the functions within the Yippi app, but also can be linked to the systems of Yippi Biz, TopzMall, TogaGo, Eostre, and more.

As Yippi users, consumers can earn rewards points by receiving tips from their content or live streaming, and also participating in occasional games and activities. Additionally, user also can accumulate rewards points while making purchases at Yippi Biz's merchants. 

The rewards points also have many uses including offset utility bills such as water and electricity bills, phone bills, and student loans. They can also be used for Yippi Biz, TopzMall, TogaGo, and more.

Yippi Social Media: 

Official Website: 


IG: @yippiofficial 

Enhance Your Sales and Build-Up Brand Loyalty with Yippi Biz


Boost Your Sales and Build Brand Loyalty with Yippi Biz

In another hand, Yippi Biz aimed at helping local SMEs boost sales through online advertising and loyalty rewards. As the world continues to emerging, Yippi Biz is also expanding into new markets, including the SEA region in Q2 2023 and China in Q3 2023.  

Yippi Reward Program

Yippi Biz new rewards program includes an advanced CRM system that allows businesses to : 

1. track customer data, 

2. engage with customers through targeted advertising,

3. improve customer retention through personalized offers and promotions segment.

Additionally, their loyalty program rewards customers for their repeat purchase and it can help them to build long-term customer relationships and driving sales growth.  

Last but not least, one of the key features of their rewards program is the ability for businesses to place targeted ads within the app. These customisable ads ensuring businesses to tailor their message to their target audience for maximum sales.  

Yippi Wanted Program

On top of that, Yipps Wanted is an E-Rewards program, whereby users can earn instant rewards points (Yipps Points) whenever they consume with a Yippi Biz merchant partner.

Those points can be redeemed in their collaboration partners, including :

  • RedBox,
  • Park 28 Boutique Dining,
  • Freestore,
  • Bottomless,
  • etc.

Additionally, customers can spend in their partner's Topzmall and Togago.

Yippi Biz Social Media: 


IG: @yippswanted 

Read More : Yippi Biz

Shop Across Borders with TopzMall

TopzMall is not new in the e-commerce platform. Established by Yippi, it is one of the main ways for Yippi users to convert their rewards points into products they love. TopzMall provides e-commerce platform for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises in Southeast Asia, enabling them to effectively promote their products and services throughout other countries.

TopzMall offers full-process business support that including :

  • product management, 
  • inventory management, 
  • order management, 
  • payment processing, 
  • logistics and distribution, 
  • and customer service.
  • improves the operational efficiency of merchants, 
  • enhances customer satisfaction, 
  • reduces operating costs, and 
  • better captures market trends and opportunities for their seller.


TopzMall also offers a wide range of products, with a total of 23 categories and over 10,000 SKUs, to name a few.


TopzMall is one of the most convenient, fast, and secure, platform between buyers and sellers to communicate, transact, and cooperate. Yippi users can also exchange their rewards points for goods at TopzMall.

Nowadays, TopzMall is also constantly expanding its market to the whole of Southeast Asia, allowing customers to experience the fun of cross-border shopping online.


TopzMall Social Media: 

Official Website:  


IG: @topzmall 

TogaGo the Electronic Travel Platform

TogaGo the Electronic Travel Platform

Traveler alert! Traveling can be costly but for Yippi users, you can also choose to use your accumulated rewards points to exchange for your dream vacations on TogaGo. Togago provides a one-stop travel booking service for all.

Operated by WGS Discovery Tours & Travel (M) Sdn Bhd, Togago offers customers over 1.4 million exquisite accommodation options worldwide, as well as booking services for train tickets, travel policies, and other queries within China, and exciting tour packages and exclusive discounts. This can be one of the best choice for domestic and international travel planning. 

Users also can plan their travel itineraries more efficiently and conveniently by combining their rewards points usage with their personal preferences and budget. 

And aftraid not, TogaGo has obtained the permission of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (KPK/LN: 8227 - Immigration, Departure, and Ticketing).

And since 2019, TogaGo has also been honored to be a member of the Malaysia International Travel Exhibition (MATTA), Tourism Malaysia, and Malaysia Truly Asia. They definitely legit right?

TogaGo Social Media: 

Official Website:  


IG: @togago_official 


How do I download Yippi?   

Yippi apps,

1.Download the Yippi app for free through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery. 

2. Sign up for a FREE account.

3. Enjoy the Yippi experience!

So what's you waiting for? Let's download the Yippi apps now and be rewarded with Yippi!

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