MREIE: Recognition of Professional and Trusted Real Estate Services.

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MREIE: Recognition of Professional and Trusted Real Estate Services. | The real estate industry is a vast and multifaceted sector of the economy that deals with the development, management, purchase, sale, and leasing of real property, which includes land, residential and commercial properties, and natural resources. 

It plays a crucial role in various aspects of society and the economy.


The Malaysia Real Estates Integrity Elites is a recognition given to the real estate elites who have achieved excellence in the real estate industry by demonstrating their strong acumen and talent. They are selected role models in the industry, who have demonstrated knowledge and skills at the highest level in real estate development, advisory, architecture, interior design, real estate appraisal, home inspection, etc. 

They uphold the best practices and continue to provide high-quality development for the real estate industry.

Recently, the "Malaysia Real Estate Integrity Elite," organized by the National Consumer Action Council for Real Estate & Strata (MTPN), recognized 38 outstanding real estate agencies in the domestic real estate sector, as well as 8 local real estate companies with an excellent reputation for providing professional, reliable, and secure services to consumers.

The lavish event, which took place at JW Marriott Hotel, brought together outstanding individuals from the domestic real estate industry, who shone like stars.

The Chairman of Malaysia Real Estates Integrity Elites, Professor Jericho Tang Kit Wai, who also served as a member of the Executive Council (EXCO) for Real Estate & Strata of the National Consumer Action Council (MTPN), stated in his speech that the real estate agency sector was a challenging yet full of opportunities industry. 

Real estate agents not only acted as a bridge between dreams and reality but also, with their rich expertise and experience, helped people achieve the dream of homeownership.
"They needed to understand the market, comprehend the needs, find the ideal homes for clients, and even provide professional advice during the buying and renting process. They were indispensable supporters, providing valuable assistance to families, investors, and newcomers."
However, the role of real estate agents was often underestimated, seen merely as intermediaries facilitating transactions. In reality, they played a crucial role in every stage of the search, evaluation, negotiation, and closing of transactions.
He emphasized that real estate agents bore significant responsibilities and had to continually learn and adapt to the ever-changing market. Therefore, the community should show more respect and appreciation for their work. 
"Their expertise and hard work helped us achieve our dreams and create beautiful memories in our homes. Whether finding the ideal residence, investing in real estate, or selling our properties, they were trusted partners. Let's be grateful and honor the professionals who worked tirelessly to make our homeownership dreams come true."


Furthermore, in recent years, issues such as dishonesty among real estate agents, property fraud, and residential design disputes had been on the rise. To protect consumer rights, this certification undoubtedly served as a "guide" for consumers in selecting real estate agents.
"We urged all applicants to undergo a rigorous review process to ensure they met our high standards and regulations. This certification represented the integrity and trustworthiness of individuals in the real estate industry, providing confidence and assurance to consumers."

He hoped that more people would gain a deeper understanding of the real estate industry through this certification, recognizing the significant value of real estate agents. This was the original intention behind the establishment of this certification."

The event was initiated by YBRS. Tuan Hasan Hafizi bin Hanafi, Deputy Secretary General (Senior) of the Division of Development, Ministry of Local Government Development where during his speech he said ;
"If we all strive to promote honesty, integrity, and professionalism in our real estate industry, we can achieve greater goals for our country. I hope that Recognition Malaysia Integrity Real Estate Elite continues to grow and becomes a strong platform for fostering integrity values in the Malaysian real estate industry."

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