Fly Me to Krabi with Digi and Malindo Air!

shamiera osment
The word Krabi makes me think of :
A krappi call that makes me smile alone.
Its like a Mr. Crab with his Krabi Patty!!!

Oh no!!!

Krabi from ShamieraOsment.pidea defined that its a little paradise in the Asia with a beautiful beach and sea. Krabi also a really great place to travel and indulge the food and to learn the colorful culture which it is a dream place to my heart in world.

5 good reasons Digi and Malindo Air should sent me to fly to Krabi are:

1. I just had a hectic week which I had to take care with love my son in the hospital for a week and a short vacation to my A list will be a great pleasure and reward for me for being a good mom! ^_^"

2. I am a Loyal Digi Customer for almost 5 years and Digi had being amazing telco which made me feel special where I can bought cheaper price for Konsert Ticket . Also I always get a special deal to buy Lecka-Lecka ice cream and etc.. I really love you Digi who makes me save my saving with RM3 per week internet subscription... Great job!

Always the smartest choice!

3. Malindo Air are the new best things in Malaysia that I still haven had a chance to board on..  I always heard the compliment from others about  how the comfortable they are and how great their service were. This will a great opportunity for me to fly with Malindo for first time in my life to the place that I craving for... And with a great experience that I will receive for sure it will be more repeat purchase from me and my big family...

Fly me to Krabi please!

4. Just so you know I had a background study from the Hotel and Tourism Industry which make I am suitable candidates to give out an opinion about the tourism industry..hahaha...sure or not? Yeah! I got Master in Gastronomy! For sure I will give a good recommendations and compliment about the great hotel in Mercure Krabi Deevana... Seeing it to believing it...

Hope to had a wonderful hospitality here!

5. As a new blogger I hope this can be a platform for me to shine in this blogging area. Newcomers should be given the opportunity too right? If not I we will always be the so so blogger only meh? :p

So I hope with all this good reason that I mention above, Digi and Malindo Air with a big heart will make me fly to Krabi... It will also will be an advance birthday gift to me.. My birthday is on 16 September btw...

Thank you in advance... ^_^

I believe I can fly!!!

Shamiera Osment

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