23rd January 2015 That Change My Life.

shamiera osment
Woke up as 6.30am that morning with a great preparation of mind and physical I just know that is something coming to my life journey.

3 weeks before I do a scan to check my baby, the scan was scheduled due to I actually forgotten the last date of my P day. So I do the scan to help me with date before I go to the Government Clinic for pregnancy check up. End up the doctor did not found anything in the womb and was a little bit confused. 

She said maybe its too early to see... Hurmmm..hearing that I know something was not right. But I still enjoyed my life..hahaha.. the day after I went to Johor for my best friend wedding. Until the next Monday I go for check up the Government Clinic.

Going to the Government Clinic with hope that I can see the doctor immediately with the problem that I told them, but I only manage to get an appointment 2 weeks later to get back with the doctor. How silly is that I still wait patiently. Yeah it's all because I did not had any bleeding and pain. Oh maybe I had a little pain but I just something that I can bear.

So when the doctor do the screening I told her my worried she was so relaxed and she do the scan..Doctor found out that in the womb is not a fetus or baby. Doctor suspected it was something like fibroid. She ask me to do a pregnancy test again and it positive. Then, she immediately wrote a letter to refer me to specialist. During that time the only thing worried me about is what if I'll be admitted that day. I had party to attend that evening, and others event on Saturday and Sunday morning..hurmmm

Reach at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur that afternoon, I went to my sister in law for help and she bought to O&G Clinic and then I were referred to PAC ward. After a long register process then I only managed to met the Doc. Doc make a usual scan, then scan from below and another UPT test. Then only she call a specialist to come. And the specialist told that is MOLAR PREGNANCY....

That was the first time I heard about Molar Pregnancy. But you know eventhough it is a bad news to heard the best part is I don't have to be admitted on the spot because there is no bleeding occur, I felt so happy and going back home and prepare my self for the party..hahaha... you know after so much preparation I made for the party I should go kan?

My bad day doesn't end that afternoon, at the party I had a terrible pain on my feet because of the shoes that I wear.. Pain of beauty.. urgh! I had throw the shoes..So ridiculous to wear... and back from the party I was greet by sick son who had a difficulty to breath...

After finished removed all my make up and change my cloth we went to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur... and end up my baby boy had to admitted due to his bad condition of bronchitis...

There goes my day.. a very hectic day and should be unforgotten...

Motherhood never be easy,

Shamiera Osment.

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