Tripda Makes Your Journey Worth Every Mile!

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Tripda Makes Your Journey Worth Every Mile! | If you ever stuck in a traffic and feels bored driving alone but had no solution about it? Want to get a ride but feel so shy to ask? Ehem! let me introduce you with a new best thing in town : TRIPDA

So what is TRIPDA? Based on Oxford Dictionary, just kidding...

Tripda is an online carpooling platform that connects drivers commuting with empty seats in their cars and passengers heading the same way.

Our vision is to transform carpooling into a viable transportation alternative, so both driver & passenger can share the cost of the trip, while meeting new people, reducing traffic and preserving the environment!

You heard it right! It is a carpooling system that will help your journey more memorable than ever! So how it actually works?

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The step were actually simple as 1.2.3.

  1. Get the application from your Android and Apple Store.. or even log in with your computer at .
  2. Register with your Facebook! Its so simple where you only need to add a few more details left.
  3. Offer or Find your ride. So here is where you can as the user will decide what you will want to do..offering a ride? or finding a ride? as for me, I don't really drive so I'll find a ride.
  4. Select your route. Now go find a best offer and what kind of driver/passenger you want. Its your call... :)
  5. Enjoy your ride. When the day come do enjoy your ride and all the benefit you'll get.
  6. Rate and review. Do rate and review your ride. It is fun? Did you get a new friend or what? Please do a review, it will help others too!

tripda, carpooling apps, carpooling apps malaysia, tripda review, how to use tripda, Example of my preference ride. What yours?


1. Social

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Carpooling do helps you make new friend. Get social people and make your journey more fun with a new story of life.

2. Economical

Sharing is caring... Sharing will reduce your cost when you travel with a lot of saving in the fuel cost and also toll cost.

3. Green

Save the mother earth with carpooling. How actually it helps? Carpooling reduce numbers of car in the street = reduce the percentage of air pollution. Preserve the beauty of the mother nature for our children.

4. Secure

Your security will be the highest concern. Before to have a ride get to know who you carpool with through user ratings, Facebook profiles, mobile & email verification. Yes! Please do some research cos we don't want you to end up having a misery experience!

5. Convenient

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Defining a convenient with a Tripda is like everything is on your fingertip and is free. Book any trip anywhere anytime. You just need your cellphone and of cos your internet. Don't have internet at home? Oh please go nearest restaurant or anything, Free WIFI is anywhere today! :P

So With so much benefits that you will enjoy please please do carpooling people.
Oh do I carpooling? Yes!

I had a trip to Johor few weeks back and I do carpooling with my best buddies and we get a lot of saving through the toll and fuel cost. Its so cheap rather than traveling alone. And the best part is we had a lot of memories to capture and shared.

Maybe next time when I had a trip I'll try TRIPDA for carpooling. It must be fun to know new people.

If you want to know more about this great apps please go to :

Tripda mobile app available on iOS and Google Play
Tripda instagram + twitter handle: @TripdaMY


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