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On the Saturday morning, despite my baby boy having a fever I decided to take him for a break and smell the fresh air... Yup! smell the farm in the city... I just hope he will gets better when he enjoying the scenery of a farm... :)

Arriving in the Seri Kembangan city it was expected the traffic around that area is always busy and hectic and using the google maps we managed to arrive on schedule. With the great car park space in the area, we managed to park our car and take a deep breath before entering the city.

Thank you to brother Ben Ashaari and his club Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari we had a free passes to enter the Farm in the City. If not the ticket will be :

Normal entrance fee is RM48 and RM38 per adult and child below 12 years old respectively. Please present your MYKad to get promotion price of RM30 and RM25 per adult and child below 12 years old respectively.

Child below 90cm in height is FOC.
Senior Citizen above 60 years old will enjoy child rate.

 and there also a family package which is :

Family Package is at RM109 for 2 adults and 2 children below 12 years old. You will get 2 souvenir gift, 2 certificate for children and 2 pony ride for children.

Entering the farm we were greet by a giant tortoise and the pet keeper with a "kangkung" in his hand... tanjat mak tao.. tetibe hulur I kangkung... But we feel excited to feed the tortoise eventhough my Zahra starts crying because she scared of it.. but my niece Auney and Adhan felt excited and start to feed the giant tortoise with the water spinach.

me pon excited..hohoho... There are so many kind of tortoise and turtle species at the farm... So glad to to meet them all... :P

Then we went for a walk and being greet by a very large snake... A python...

and also a lizard? Water Monitor Lizard...

Posing baik ok

In this farm you also will get to know with the flowers and plants... and in 10 years from now all the fruit tree will be much more bigger and hopefully when we visit here again we will get the chance to see the fruits and flowers too... and maybe can enjoyed the fruits too!

Passion fruit Garden

I love peacock so much and really hopes to had one of their beautiful feather..hahaha... But all the peacock that day was so sombong la... nak tengok bulu pon xdapat... lol!

Hubby feeding the peacock

A close up to snap a picture of a bird which you rarely had a chance of it because it will fly...huhu

What is a farm without a chicken? Farmville pon ada chicken right?

This chicken is so big.. 

 then we entered to the farmville... meet the goat and feed them...

there's also a kangaroo.. Now you know that we dont need to go to Australia to meet a kangaroo... and you can even touch them if you are brave and lucky enough...

A pit stop to drink and relax for a while... if you forget to bring your drink you can buy it here...

While the parents enjoying their drink, you can also let your children try to catch the longkang fish and feed the rabbits... So much feeding session with no hidden or extra charges... so please enjoyed it to the max...

Feeding the fish session were so happening that day.. The fish seems so hungry and never feel enough... and you get the chance to throw as much food as you want but please don't do so... hihihi...

Meet the Reptilia... also you can found an ostrich egg... playing with the chicks...

guess who am I?

and meet somehow handsome like me...

Then lets go for a Poney ride! Yay!

The poney ride is near to kampung Mahmood... 

We end our journey with a Poney ride and my daughter refuse to ride the poney cos she said that Poney is smelly... adoi.nyampah kan... What ever sangat... btw a poney ride will cost RM7 per ride and its only for children above 90cm and under 12years old... :)

My handsome niece, Arsyad..

Overall this place are worth to visit where you can learn a lot about animals and plants... worth every ringgit because you get the chance to feed the animals and even touch them..selfie with them too...

So what you waiting for people? bring your child and wife/husband visit FARM IN THE CITY tomorrow k? A lots of fun are waiting for you!

For more information about this place visit their Facebook page at :

and FYI there are open on weekdays from 10.00am till 6.00pm. Weekend and holidays from 9.30am till 6pm. Closed on Tuesdays except during holidays.

I love farming!

Shamiera Osment.

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