MAPS Presents The Home of BoBoiBoy

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Movie Animation Park Studios (‘MAPS’) Perak is currently one of the most unique and exciting projects underway in the leisure & tourism landscape in Malaysia.  It will feature over 40 rides, shows & attractions including Malaysia’s first DreamWorks Animation dedicated zone, Malaysia’s tallest drop tower, a thrilling live car stunt show and a variety of themed food & beverage and retail outlets. MAPS will appeal to families and people of all ages and is designed to cater for Malaysia’s hot and wet climate. 

Can you guest where in Perak it will be situated? Yes is IPOH!!!

A Double Celebration for BoBoiBoy
Another milestone was etched in the MAPS history with the announcement of the partnership between MAPS and BoBoiBoy, the popular Malaysian animated series. So who love BoBoiboy? I love watching BoBoiboy because its action is cool and also it is funny too... 


Speaking at the event, Mr. Ramelle Ramli, Founder and Chairman of RSG said, “With the inclusion of BoBoiBoy to MAPS Perak it would be an enormous pull factor as it is an animation which most Malaysian children can identify and relate to.”

Malaysian animation BoBoiBoy will now be placed alongside internationally renowned franchise characters from one of the world’s leading animation studios, DreamWorks Animation, which is based in Los Angeles. We are thrilled that fans can experience BoBoiBoy alongside beloved characters from Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Megamind, The Croods and Casper the Friendly Ghost,” said Mr. Darren McLean the CEO, Movie Animation Park Studios. (MAPS)

Held in conjunction with the 4th Anniversary of BoBoiBoy, the CEO of Monsta, Nizam Razak announced that the company has found the perfect ‘home’ for BoBoiBoy in MAPS. At the event, members of the media were also given a sneak peek of the BoBoiBoy 4D Ride through video and the artist impressions.

Nice kan?

With BoBoiBoy on board, MAPS will be able to offer theme park goers exciting activities based on the popular BoBoiBoy characters. Visitors can see BoBoiBoy come to life at MAPS with the exclusive custom produced 4D adventure film which will only be available for viewing at MAPS. They can also visit BoBoiBoy Animation & Sound FX, a special attraction that lets kids experience what it feels like to be a superhero through the use of 3D animation technology. The famous Tok Aba’s Kokotiam is also another not to be missed attraction which will be serving a range of BoBoiBoy food and drinks besides the famed hot cocoa. BoBoiBoy merchandise will also be available for sale at the Kokotiam.

Tok Aba Kokotiam
Tok Aba Kokotiam

It will be slightly like this...

Tok Aba Kokotiam
Tok Aba Kokotiam

But the rumors said that is gonna be larger !!! wee..can't wait to see it..The coco taste good too!!! Malaysians can now be proud and look forward to our locally produced animation BoBoiBoy featured at par with internationally recognised animation productions in Asia’s first movie animation theme park, MAPS.

Yasmin Hani
Host of the day, Yasmin Hani

 Boboiboy also celebrate his 4th birthday this year... May BoboiBoy will live long and more successful in a year ahead...

cutting cake ceremony

me with BoBoiBoy team,Mia Sara n Rayqal also a blogger frien Sally.

I really can't wait to see the place next year!

For more information about MAPS Perak kindly log on to / Facebook


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  1. i've seen the construction site, its near jelapang PLUS highway exit right? hahahaha best best!!

  2. Peh. Penuhla denga peminat Boboiboy bila dah siap nanti ;)

  3. fenomena boboiboy semakin tue

  4. phewwww ! excited nihh. ehh. host by yasmin adam mau x? huhu

  5. end up kat entri ni sebab boboiboy haha

  6. anak2 hana mmg nk p sini..duk ajak p ja bila lalu sini:)

  7. I've been waiting since last year and I can't wait to go here. So much exciting thing to explore.

  8. Mesti budak-budak suka sakan pi sini
    Tempat hero-hero dorang berkumpul
    Kita yang dewasa pun excited jugak nk pi