Not So Cheap Talk in EFG.

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Not So Cheap Talk in EFG.

EFG is a platform where you can promote your with feed exchange with the participated blog.

Every blog that joining this group will be featured in others blog at the bloglist section and also the feed section. And the best part is everyday there will a different blog that will be features in one blog.

Exchange feed group ?

EFG help bloggers to increase their blog traffic with a healthy way..which is blogwalking... :)

So when joining this group, one should take effort with blogwalking other friend blog because it will help you to promote your blog and of course it will be a win-win situation in this area. Put in the banner will not help you increased your UV without your own effort to increased it.

Want to join #EFG?

For bloggers who already join EFG, they really satisfied with this group. For me this group really help with the blogging world, which I don't actually know the part it existed! hahaha... I'm so noob in this blogging world. Thank you for accepting me in this group because it really made my everyday so special with a so many new things to be learn and of cos with the non-stop jokes that make me smile.

So if you want to join our community/group you can straight away contact our Admin Ira.. :)

bukan sembang kosong


Bukan  Sembang Kosong !

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