Throwback : Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and Jong’s Crocodile Farm & Zoo

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Its throwback time. This is a day 2 activities that my family and I done when we visit Sarawak 2 years ago... 2 years ago..yup! But everything still fresh in my memory... The second day when we arrived to Kuching we had a trip to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. Do you know what you will find in Semenggoh Wildlife Centre? Yes OrangUtan!

Its all about OrangUtan here...

Fact about Semenggoh Wildlife Centre!

The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is the biggest Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sarawak; established in 1975 as a sanctuary for the injured and orphaned orangutans. Together with the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah this is the most well known rehabilitation center for tourists to visit. 

Tourists should not mistake both Semenggoh and Sepilok as actual tourist attractions; both wildlife centers are intended to rehabilitate orangutans and educate visitors at the same time. That said; nothing beats an encounter with a wild orangutan during a jungle trek in one of the national parks on Borneo

In comparison with Sepilok the wildlife center in Semenggoh is usually less crowded. As it is only a 30 minute drive from the city of Kuching; tourists can easily go to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre.


semenggoh wildlife centre
Family potrait

Orangutan in action!
Orangutan in action!

We had fun in here watched the Orangutan ate and played around.. Its a rare experience because Orangutan is an endagered species and you only can found them only in Malaysia. 

Kanda n Zahra

2 years ago Zahra still a baby and only had one teeth... After finished watched the Orangutan and took enough picture for memory we went to Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo. Sarawak really famous with the legendary of Bujang Senang. The fierce crocodile that had kills many people in Sarawak for more than 50 years. 

So we all so excited to see the fierce crocodile in Sarawak. hahaha.. It such a fun and extreme thing to do.. LOL!

cute crocodile right?

Fact about Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo!
Situated at 18 Miles (29km) Kuching/ Serian Highway, a 20 minute leisure drive from Kuching Town, the capital of Sarawak, Land of Hornbills, boasts one of the largest and the only crocodile breeding farm in the country.

Set amidst the charming backdrop of tall tropical trees, lush vegetation and local fruit trees lies this unique farm with over a thousand crocodiles bred in captivity. The farm provides a perfect sanctuary for the reptiles, saving the species from extinction. There are huge and deep concrete ponds and natural breeding grounds for the crocodiles to mate and multiply.

This one look fierce..

Visitors are able to gaze at the snapping jaws, cold menacing eyes, sharp pointed teeth and powerful lashing tails of the crocs within short distance yet safe because of the metal fence. So the best part in Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo is to watched the crocodile eating but after 15minutes you will get bored..hahaha

feeding time!

Apart from crocodiles there are also numerous rare species of birds and animals found only in the Borneo Island.  There are also monkeys, leopard-cats, sunbears, bearcats, pheasants, civets, barking deers, sambar deers, turtles, fruit bats, monitor lizards, pythons and even hornbills.

i love Peacock!

Zahra with Atuk at the pond

At the pond you can feed the fish too!

That was me so messy.. :P
So that is for a day 1 in Sarawak. It was fun to learn something new and you know Sarawak is very hot and everyone get exhausted faster than ever. And because the time in Sarawak flies so fast we had to go back our homestay as early as 5.30pm...

That's all for my throwback session for this post.. I will update more about my visit to Kuching in my next blog entry!

I Love Kuching!

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