Its Earth Day Today!

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Its Earth Day Today!| Hi Earth Creature! Today is a earth day but unfortunately when I woke up today, the haze is back in Malaysia.. how sad is that? The earth is sick and really need our help to be a better place to live..

So how to take care the mother earth?

Plant a tree
Make a habit to plant a tree,or maybe a herb and flowers

Stop using plastic bag
Use the reusable bag

Keep Your Neighborhood Clean
If you see trash on the ground, toss it in a trash can.

Recycle Cans, Bottles, and Paper
Save them at home and at school, and help your family recycle them.

Help Keep the Air Clean 
Ride your bike or walk to school. Too many cars cause a lot of pollution.

Save Paper
Use both sides of your paper at school and at home.
To clean up messes, use sponges or washable cloths instead of paper towels.

Help Save Water
Don't leave the water running while you brush your teeth. :)

Help Save Energy
Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
Turn off the TV when you're finished watching it.
Don't leave the refrigerator door open. Get what you want quickly..

did  know our electric bills is increasing lately? save it helps the mother earth and your pocket too..haha

earth day
Google celebrating earth day

Whats more?

In conjunction to this Earth Day, The Body Shop is giving out 700 free plant for everyone on the 23rd of April 2016 at the Piazza, The Curve. Anyone happen to be at this area do come and grab a plant. And of cos don't forget to plant it well.. 

earth day
More info,click here

Anything else? hurmmm..lets join Magical Forest Charity Run on the 29 May 2016 at Taman Botani, Shah Alam.. Proceeds from the Run will be channeled to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) to support their reforestation efforts. So lets help our world to become a better place to live in and for the sake of our next generation who need a fresh air to live.

Save Our Earth!


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  1. kadang kadang bila kita dah jaga kebersihan pun, tempat lain buat masalah dekat kita tu yang susah

  2. let's save the world , sayangi bumi kita untuk masa depan yang lebih indah , in shaa Allah

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