YunaXSKII Party!

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Did you excited as I am when writing/reading this post? Hahaha.. Yuna and SKII is the best ever thing I happened in the world.. Got the chance to having fun time with this 2 best thing is a MUST in your life babe..haha..over sangat!

I do adore Yuna so much and even writing this post while listening to her song..her voice was so lovely... and she so humble.. and when I heard about the opportunity to meet her from KSMY(Kipas Susah Mati Yuna or Yuna Die Hard Fans) tweet, I was so damn excited..huhu..I join the contest they made and also the Cosmopolitan Magazine contest.. Luckily, I won both I bring my 2 sister enjoy the day with me...

The event were actually highlighted on introducing new product range of SK-II, the Gen optics Essence was so good.. Yuna also look much more stunning after 2years using SK-II... :)

That day event start with a demo comparison of the essence effect on your skin. Then continue with make up demo by the professional make up artist Nana.. I do learn few new technique on make up especially when I saw gently apply the toner/essence on the model face..a few trick to make your face glowing... 

MUA Nana on action

Then of cos the best part of the day is with Yuna.. Yuna sang 3 song that day, opening with Places To Go, Langit and the hit song Crush... the fans were so happy even the sound system got a problem during she sang crush.. But then fans were happy cos got the chance to be Usher..haha

Yuna, SK-II,

Yuna, SK-II,
stunning Yuna

Yuna, SK-II,

Yuna, SK-II,
Yuna with the SK-II team

Yuna on interview session
Yuna on interview session

Then we queue for meet and greet with Yuna... our conversation was like.. 

Yuna : cantiknya u..cantik2 nak g mana?
Me : Nak jumpa U la..hihi

Yuna : Anak sihat? dah berape dah anak u?
Me : Sihat.. dah 2.. 

and she was suprised..then we laugh, selfie.. I was actually nervous..haha.. then I ask her , U sihat? (kan,nampak tak soalan nervous?haha)..she said she was fine..hihi..and lastly she said don't forget to come when I made other event ok.. I will Yuna..Please don't forget to invite me k...

Yuna, Yunalis Zarai
Yuna were so tall

aishah sinclair
with Aishah Sinclair

After the photo session the event end.. I was so happy.. and I do bring home a starter kit of SK-II with a signature of Yuna on it.. I still kept it nicely...hihi

Yuna Die Hard Fans,

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