Happy 5th Anniversary!

shamiera osment

Alhamdulillah, today marks the day of our 5th marriage anniversary... It was a blessing day to be able to breath on this day... 

This 5 years have been a long journey and very challenging for us and of for every married couple. Everyone said if you survived the first 5 years the next year coming will be more easier. People also said the next 5 year a marriage will be bless with more prosperity. I do hope so and wonder whats the next great thing will be happen to my family... Maybe I already got the hint, but thing still unsure and of cos we can only plan the best. In the end, Allah the Almighty will make it happened.

To my husband, thank you for accepting me in your life. 
I'm so sorry for all the mistakes I make in our marriage. 
I'm so sorry for being irresponsible mother and wife.
I'm sorry for all the burden that you have to carried because of me.
I'm so sorry that I'm just a lousy wife.
I'm so sorry for all the shame that I put you trough.
I'm so sorry for all the pain you have to suffer because of me...
I'm so sorry...

I hope our marriage will be last till Jannah... 
I want to love you forever...

Pray for our happiness everyone... 


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