Mom's Said.

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Mom's said. | It's no use crying over spilt milk. Don't eat that, you'll get worms! Are your hands broken? Pick it up yourself! I'm not your maid!

There are many things that mom's said that are fresh in our mind since our kids until we are adults now.. Some of the famous mom's said it funny to be remember and some of it that actually the meaningful that we still use till now.

My lovely kids

I do remember my mom said that "If you want something, work for it".

She really mean that I have to put an effort for it! I'm a mother of two and I'm a very strict mom. I don't like to spoil my kids and every time they wanted something I ask them to get it on their own. haha.. Even though things will end up with a messed, I love the fact that my kids is trying to do it.

You want Mamee, do it yourself! haha

My daughter Zahra, currently 4 years old is a very independent girl. She try hard when she want something. She puts a lots of effort to climb over anything just to take her toys above the cupboard, and with her determination, she become a brave girl. One day when we at my hometown, she wanted to buy ice cream with my neighbor and I asked her to go buy it yourself. I gave her RM1 note and because she wanted to eat the ice-cream so much so go to my neighbor house. minutes later she brought home the ice cream. I felt proud of her. Yeah, those were the time I said to her, ' Pandai anak Bonda. ' Zahra should really proud to say that "Mak kata saya anak bijak!"

Scha and Lara

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Mak Kata Saya Anak Bijak!


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