Go Offbeat in Dubai - Discover its Rich Heritage and Culture

Go Offbeat in Dubai - Discover its Rich Heritage and Culture

Looking for a unique view of world living? Head to Dubai for a holiday. One of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the seat of fast-paced development. But is it the place for a discovery of heritage and culture? Or has it compromised on the cultural continuity of its Arab heritage? Has its modern identity rejected all things old? Visit Dubai. See for yourself how it has preserved much of its traditional identity and also embraced the best of the West.

You will find cheap flights to Dubai from different Indian cities. It is after all, a popular holiday destination. Ahmedabad to Dubai flights are available, if that is where you are plan to set out from. Plan your next vacation at Dubai, to discover the cultural heritage and traditional leanings of this desert-city.

So what is the must-visit place in Dubai?

1. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood
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Also known as Bastakiya, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is one of the oldest heritage sites in the city. And you thought Dubai was only about malls and skyscrapers! The Dubai Museum in the Al-Fahidi Fort houses artifacts from the Jumeirah Archaeological Site, an old caravan post on the trade route between Iraq and Oman. How charming is that! It records how this humble Bedouin village grew into a dazzling Arab capital. Bur Dubai in Bastakiya dates back to the early 1900s. Tour the winding narrow lanes with wind-towers and bustling courtyards here. Better keep your camera handy to capture a few pictures of these atmospheric places.

2. Al Seef District 

Al Seef District ,
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Hugging the Dubai Creek, the Al Seef District showcases the region’s proud heritage as a coastal pearl-diving base. Did you know that it used to be the entryway to the pearl-diving port? Fishermen in their ‘dhows’ or traditional boats traverse its peaceful waters to this day. There is a floating market here and Creekside pontoons sell their traditional goods.

Here’s a tip: An Arabian-style souk is also close by. Tour it to learn of age-old Emirati customs.

The Al Seef District blends into a more contemporary space. Eateries, cafes and stores - you will find them all along the waterway. For a meal here with a stunning view, you can book any one of the multiple flights to Dubai which operate daily. Who said it’s difficult to reach the Al Seef District in Dubai?

3. The Mountain Town of Hatta

The Mountain Town of Hatta,

For a short getaway from the city, head to the Hajar Mountains close to Dubai. Two mountains guard the region from the north and the south. Looking for spectacular views of the valley? The mountains will offer you just that. Visit the Hatta Dam to see its turquoise waters and earthy rock-face.  The reconstructed Hatta Heritage Village is also a must-visit with traditional huts and humble shops selling regional wares. It’s so exciting to shop here for traditional knick-knacks!  Bait Al Wali is one of the largest houses where the ruler used to live. Visit it to acquaint yourself with the traditional clothes, weaponry, jewellery, pottery and customs of the region. Listen to traditional songs and you will be transported in time. The main Hatta Fort is of course hard to miss. Mountain stones and mud bricks make up the building.  You will feel like a time-traveller here!

Another tip - The Al Sharia is a palm tree farm, quite closeby.  Have a look at the ancient systems of irrigation still in use here. Fancy a walk under the shaded palm trees? Go for it, I say!

4. Arab Hospitality and Its Cuisine

Who has been to Dubai and not appreciated traditional Arab hospitality? There are multiple Dubai flights from across the world to take you there and allow you the opportunity to experience it first-hand. Emirati life is influenced by its Bedouin heritage. You will be greeted with gates and coffee. Some traditional Arabic drinks include the ‘qahwa’ - a strong coffee which is richly spiced. You will enjoy how wonderfully different it is from your regular cup of instant. Enjoy jellab (made with molasses, rose water etc.) and qamardeen (a thick apricot juice). If you have a sweet-tooth, try the ‘luqaimat’ - dumplings bathed in date molasses. It is the official sweet of the Emirates.

From the sights and sounds of the city to the delectable local cuisines - you can never run out of reasons to visit Dubai. Plan your vacation today. 

Dubai is waiting!

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