Safi Expert Solution for Brighter and Smoother Skin.

Amirrah Othman
Safi Expert Solution for Brighter and Smoother Skin. | Safi was an establish brand that have been in Malaysia for more than 20 years. My sister was one of loyal user of this brand and she definitely brighter than me.

When Safi Malaysia introduce new line from it brand, Safi Expert Solution, I was eager to try it. From the review I read this line is great to your skin especially when you getting much older like me.

Safi Expert Solution

So I get the two main items in Safi Expert Solution which is Safi Expert Solution Intensive Ampoule and Safi Expert Solution Milk Drop Serum.


SAFI EXPERT SOLUTION Intensive Ampoules.

SAFI EXPERT SOLUTION Intensive Ampoules is dermatologically tested & clinically proven to intensively lighten dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation skin disorders. These are triggered by cumulative sun exposure and the natural ageing process resulting in age spots, UV spots, freckles & irritation induced hyperpigmentation. 

The 2 Step Multi-Action Ampoule System is formulated with the highly efficacious active ingredient of DN Age Technology. This powerful combination penetrates rapidly into the basal skin layer to effectively combat deep-set dark spots, supply intense moisture & promote skin renewal for visibly improved overall skin appearance. 

STEP 1 - Renewal Hydra Complex A unique blend of Mandelic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid that: 

- Effectively brightens dull skin by promoting skin renewal 

- Instantly moisturises, smoothens & softens skin

STEP 2 - Supreme Anti-Spots Complex A unique blend of potent Antioxidants & exclusive Bio-Complex that: 

- Drastically reduces hyperpigmentation resulting in even & radiant skin tone 

- Significantly improves skin firmness with diminished fine lines 

Verdict : The step 1 texture was like an ordinary ampoule where it is lightweight and moisturize your skin. And for the Step 2 the texture is more oily like an facial oil. But this step 2 is good for my skin which is combination and slightly hydrate. So ny using this two combination, I can see that my skin is much brighter and have even skin tone.



SAFI EXPERT SOLUTION Milk Drop Serum is dermatologically tested & clinically proven to deliver instant and sustained moisture boost to quench & hydrate dry, parched skin. Now you can restore your dewy look by overcoming dry prematurely ageing skin caused by environmental triggers, excessive UV exposure & pollutants. 

SAFI EXPERT SOLUTION Milk Drop Serum is infused with NMF Activator Technology & Ultra-Micro Hyaluronic Acid to activate the skin’s moisture regeneration ability, while locking in hydration. This lightweight & refreshing Milk Drop Serum is specially formulated with Hydra-Boost capsules that transform into milk droplets for fast and easy absorption into the skin. 

Benefits :

• Rescue for Thirsty Skin 
• Repair & Strengthen skin barrier 
• 72H of Ultra-Hydration 
• Hydrates skin from deep within 
• Dewy, radiant smooth skin 

My Verdict : I really love the texture when applied to my skin, it really moisturizer your skin. It doesn't feel oily and when you applied your make up it blends well.

So after using this 3 products from Safi Expert Solution my skin really become much better. I can see the different and even my sister told me that my skin looks much better than before. You can see it become smoother and brighter and the pigmentation have slowly become invisible.

I do recommended this products for you try because it do worth it. And yes this two products is refined Formulation with: NO Mineral Oil | NO Alcohol | NO Paraben | NO Animal Testing

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  1. Your wrinkles under eyes dah takdek! Dulu masa sekolah safi je produk yg dok pakai. skrg mcm nak patah balik je dekat safi

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