Cellcare Stem Cell Treatment at YS Clinic!

Amirrah Othman
Cellcare Stem Cell Treatment at YS Clinic. | Hi everyone! Aging process is a nightmare for women and women in 30s like me will go for anti aging skincare, anti aging food and yes anti aging treatment. Hewhew.. so I do use anti aging skincare and once a while I would love to have an anti aging treatment to helps my skin become better.

Hence I went to YS Clinic for my treatment recently. Located at One USJ, this clinics offer various of aesthetic treatments for all but time I would like to go normal treatment that is call Cellcare Stem Cell Treatment.

Cellcare Stem Cell Treatment

Cellcare Stem cells treatment are ideal for face rejuvenation because they help to stimulate cell division and growth while also protecting and energizing current cells so as to repair the signs of aging. So its good for me who would love to keep my skin at youth. :) In YS Clinic, they currently offer RM158 for first trial! ( Normal price RM598). So its a good deal for me! 

The Cellcare Stem Cell Treatment involve 5 steps that includes:

1. Deep cleansing

For this deep cleansing, the beautician do a simple cleansing to remove all make up and ensure my face really clean for the next step. 

2. Exfoliating.

Exfoliating process

During this exfoliating process, the beautician use a tools that will soften the dead cells skins and helps to remove the dead skin cells, blackhead and white head. This process tooks about 15 to 20 minutes to ensure the skin are well exfoliated.

3. Stem Cell penetration.

Penetrating the stem cell into your skin

Stem cells are ideal for face rejuvenation because they help to stimulate cell division and growth while also protecting and energizing current cells so as to repair the signs of aging, reduce fine lines and restore the skin’s ability to renew itself, which creates more youthful, radiant skin. In this process the beautician also use a tools that I forgot the name is hihi but it penetrate the stem cell/serum into your skin. You can feel the vibes from the machine but the feeling was very satisfying.

4. LED Opera Mask.

Opera Mask treatment

The Opera Mask is benefits for anti-aging and deep skin rejuvenation. This treatment is proven to stimulate collagen cells resulting in fine line reduction and a dewy bouncy look to the skin. You can feel the weight from the Opera Mask but this process only took about 10 minutes.

5. Anti-aging Mask.

Anti-aging mask

Last but not least the Anti-aging mask which can increase collagen production, which in turn helps to keep skin looking healthy and smooth. I always love this kind of mask, it feels so good when the took out from your face.

After the treatment!

Hence, after all the 5 steps, the beautician will apply a toner, moisturizer and also sunscreen to your skin. Overall I had a good experience at this Clinic and do looks forward to my next visit again soon. The beautician also really helpful and give me so many advice to take care my skin. 

And yes this treatment is suitable for all skin types. Dont forget to book your slots now and grab their promo price while it last!

For more information :

Address : 
D-O6-G Garden, shoppe@onecity USJ 25/1A, 4760 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. 

+60380116708 / +60189130288

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