How to Get your "Couch Kids" to be Active?

Amirrah Othman
How to Get your "Couch Kids" to be Active? | Kids nowadays love gadget too much and can spend hours in front of the gadget and of course television. With so many cartoon on the varieties of channel at the TV our kids become the couch potato really badly.

"Couch Kids" had several negative effects to the kids like a weaker bone and a high tendency to have a poor eyesight. If we just ignore them to watch television all day, they might become lazy in the future. So, how we going to get the "Couch Kids" to be active kids?

1. Make the playground visit as a routine.

Fun time

As a part of a healthy lifestyle nor to parents either or kids, outdoor activities is important. Outdoor activities especially at the playground or park can help kids to be active and what I love about park is, it's FREE and we can enjoy the good environment there. Kids can get tired easily after playing at playground, so make it a routine to bring them to the park every evening. Everyone in the family can benefit from that.

2. Set a Limit to Watch TV

Play with no limit in KidZanis

Setting a rule as early as a child is important to ensure them to become good human being in the future. To let them sit on the couch for hours is not healthy, therefore we need to set the rules for them and make them follow it. As for my kids, I will tell them one story only and that it. Before I move in with my mother in law, I actually don't have any problem with television because I'm not a fan of it. But then, yes a laptop or pc also harmful for the kids, so that's is set a limit for the screening time. Turn off the wifi when times up!

3. Parents as the Role Model

Show them how

As a parent we need to be the role model to our kids because they are imitate what we are doing. So, as a parent if we don't want our kids to be couch potatoes we shouldn’t be one. Try to avoid watching television too long and if kpop drama you want marathon, watch it when your kids are sleeping. Hihi

4. Exercise with your Kids

dance class in Kidzania

Make use of the television wisely. I love doing exercise at home with the Zumba coach from the Youtube. It’s fun and of course I don't need to feel insecure when I do wrong step. Haha… best part of it is my kids enjoyed it too and they trying their best to follow it. So, let them choose what they like and we do it together.

5. Let them Mess the House

Some people hate messy and starts to yell at kids when they trying to do things they love like painting and playing with Lego. This usually can distract their development and mostly kids like this will sit on the couch and watch tv or laptop. Yes, it’s because what their mom wanted too. So mom, please let them play and do what they like. They are growing up so fast and you will miss the mess when they grown up right?

6. Visit Edutainment Park Regularly

cooking class in KidZania

Last but not least, set a budget aside for your kids fun time at the edutainment park. Kids love Edutainment park because they have a lots of things to do and usually when they reach home after it they will sleep soundly. Edutainment place like KidZania I always look up for my kids. They never bored with it, doing the same things all over again is okay for them and they felt proud when they do it better than the last time. And of course KidZania have a lot new things from time to time, so make a regular visit to experience different activities that happening in KidZania.You can check out the latest activities or book your KidZania tickets at

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To ensure your kids grown up healthily is our responsible as a parent and it can be simple with the activities I have mentioned above. I hope that we can try to practice it. Anyhow if you more suggestion do let me know k!


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  1. Ibubapa kena pandai cari cara utk anak aktif bukan semata2 sibuk dgn gajet..

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