Top 10 Benefits Of Massage On Health

Amirrah Othman
Top 10 Benefits Of Massage On Health. | Do   not   confuse   the   massage   with  modeling.   Indeed,   massages   are   performed by   a practitioner, a physiotherapist. From a legal point of view, therapeutic massage must theoretically be prescribed by a doctor. In fact The Lesbian Spa, therapeutic massages are, in some cases, reimbursed by Social Security. Legally, all other practitioners practice massages.

What are the indications for a massage? Massages are indicated for different types of pathologies or small ailments. In addition to being relaxing, they are perfect for all those who suffer from anxiety and anxiety. People who lack energy and tone can also be massaged to find a good balance. In addition,muscle tension, but also psychic can be eliminated through some specific massage.

So here is top 10 benefits of massage:

1. Massage relieves muscles

Top 10 Benefits Of Massage On Health, benefits of massage, massage for what,
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Massage is a natural anti-inflammatory that relieves muscles that are over-stressed. It is not for nothing that all top athletes are massaged after their matches. The massage helps with recovery and avoids pain after exercise.

2. The massage allows evacuating the bad stress

Because it offers direct contact with the body and because it acts directly on the muscles that respond to environmental stress, massage can really relax. Part of the stress is indeed physiological and the action of relaxation induced by the massage allows to evacuate it.

3. Massage is a natural anti-depressant

Top 10 Benefits Of Massage On Health, benefits of massage, massage for what,
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Studies show that hand pressure on the skin sends dopamine to the brain. And the brain loves dopamine because it is this, among others, that allows him to consider the glass rather  half  full  than  half  empty.   Especially  since   the   regular   practice   of massage   is inhibitory for the production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

4. Massage helps to solve chronic problems

Whether it is joint pain, muscle stiffness or, more surprisingly, migraines. This is directly related to the effect of massage on stress, which is at the root of many chronic diseases. Being   massaged   regularly   can   also   have   a   positive   effect   on   digestive  disorders   or circulation problems.

5. Do not underestimate the placebo effect

Top 10 Benefits Of Massage On Health, benefits of massage, massage for what,
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Feeling good is good for morale and health. In addition to the direct actions induced by the massage through the warming of the treated areas and the evacuation of stress and toxins, the massage gives a feeling of well-being related to the feeling that someone takes care of oneself which is positive for the health.

6. Massage is sometimes used in psychiatry

Exposure to touch also allows, in   some   cases, release inner emotions,  repressed   and release the psychic tension. Sophrologists often associate the touch with the word to help improvement of the being in a general way.

7. Massage is a relaxation experience closer to meditation

Top 10 Benefits Of Massage On Health, benefits of massage, massage for what,
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It's an experience of letting go: we trust a masseur to take care of us. In a position that is a priori very vulnerable, one takes pleasure and one can reach a state of semi-consciousness which is not without reminding the meditation, whose long-term benefits on the body and the mind are known.

8. Massage can cause good pain

In a medical setting, with a physiotherapist, it is possible that the massage triggers pain; but they are good pains which, in the long run, make it possible to lessen more chronic pains to which one hardly pays attention anymore by force of habit. This is particularly the case of back pain induced by office life.

9. The massage is invigorating

Top 10 Benefits Of Massage On Health, benefits of massage, massage for what,
source : google

Because   it   allows   to   evacuate   stress,   to   feel   better   in   one's   body   and  also   offers   a parenthesis of relaxation, the massage is invigorating. After a massage, you feel better, better armed and more dynamic than before. Studies based on both declarative and blood tests prove it.

10. Massage can have beneficial effects on the libido

Accepting to be touched in this way also affects the sexual desire and the relationship one has with one's body. Some massages may be specifically dedicated to this, but even if the initial purpose of the massage is simply to feel better at a moment T, the experience of the massage as such can be beneficial to the sexuality.

So who need massage today?

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