6 Reason you Should Try Gold Nano CC Cream from Hansaegee Nature.

Amirrah Othman
6 Reason you Should Try Gold Nano CC Cream from Hansaegee Nature. | As s mother of 4, looking presentable is a challenge and my make up routine have to be simple and fast. My old make up routine takes about 30mins max with many layer of cream and foundation but nowadays I have the solution to make my make up routine faster yet as good as before.

Do you wanna know my latest secret? My latest secret is from the Hansaegee Nature Gold Nano CC Cream . As easy as 123 my make up routine can be done effortless with this CC Cream. Hansaegee Nature is a skin care brand based in Malaysia and all products are made in Korea. Established since 2011, they start up with direct importing high quality & Original skin care product from Korea. Hansaegee Nature Gold Nano CC Cream is one of their bestseller for years.

Hence here is the top 5 reason you should try Hansaegee Nature Gold Nano CC Cream :

1. Easy to Applied

Are you the one who love to applied CC Cream with hand? And this cream is definitely for you. When using Hansaegee Nature Gold Nano CC Cream you were advisable to use your finger to applied the cream. Blending cream using finger will allow the heat in your hands to blend the cream perfectly unlike using brush or sponge. And of course this makes things easier when you are traveling especially during this Pandemic days, there is many others things you have to bring in your bag. But with this cream everything will done quick and easy.

2. Balance & Correct Skin tone Naturally

The Gold Nano CC Cream is physically in White Color cream, but once you apply on your skin, and blend it it will change color to meet your skin tone naturally. It's cool when you have dark skin like me but you still can perfectly wear this Gold Nano CC Cream without a doubt. Thus, this also will save if you another sister in the house who would like to share cream with you right?

3. Smudge Free

Normal CC Cream will not last till night but I've tried using this Gold Nano CC Cream during the morning and going out, it still look good in the evening. Skin still moisture and protected and still look smooth and glowing naturally with this cream. As you can see in the picture, when you applied eyeshadow onto your skin when you applied this cream, your eyeshadow will look more pigmented than before. 

This cream also waterproof, so if you sweating and have to walk in the rain your make up will still look good and you just need to pat the water out from your face as simple as ABC.

4. Give Sun protection SPF 50 PA+++

Did you know you need to apply sunscreen everyday for at least twice a day eventhough you stay indoor at house? Wearing sunscreen can helps you to reduce the pigmentation happen to your skin and especially for someone in the mid 30's, it is very important. Hansagee Nature Gold Nano CC Cream, have SPF 50+ PA+++ that is very good in the weather like in Malaysia. So having this whitening+suncreen CC Cream is a great deal right? You just need to apply this CC Cream and lipstick and go out already, But if you want more coverage on skin , then you can add on foundation after this CC Cream, because as it can act as Makeup Base or premier to balance skin tone, and keep makeup long lasting.

5. No Harmful Ingredients

Last but not least, Hansagee Nature Gold Nano CC Cream is made with no harmful ingredients and it has No Parabens, No Sulfate and No Alcohol. It is made from the 3 main ingredients which are :
  • “Mineral Water” – Keep skin PH balance, Reinforces skin penetrating depth, Involved in active vitamin, increase skin elasticity.
  • “Ipomoea Hederacea Callus Culture Extract” - Relieves skin irritation, Anti-bacterial effect, Relieves skin trouble.
  • “Nano Gold” – Prevents aging skin, Block far-infrared radiation, High antimicrobial activity. High antioxidative activity.

Thus this cream is suitable to wear to whom who have sensitive skin. I also found that it doesn't gave any irritation and redness after I applied to my skin. You can click here to learn more details about this product : https://hansaegee.com/shop/s-recover-cc-cream.html

6. Light Texture, Not Oily & Sticky

To anyone who have oily skin or a combination skin like me, do not afraid to use this CC Cream. It really works well with oily skin. The texture itself.is light, not oily and not sticky to your skin. And even you wear it for long day, your skin will still look smooth and even glowing with Hansagee Nature Gold Nano CC Cream. 

Hence, of this top 6 reason, CC Cream should have this Hansagee Nature Gold Nano CC Cream because it is affordable price and one cream can last about 3-6 months depends on individuals. I do love the packaging and it doesn't leak and even smudge the bottle after you squeeze iton your face or palm. It is also very lightweight to your skin and very easy to applied. It definitely one of the best cream I've try by far, so yes do try it now!

For more information go to :

Brand : Hansaegee Nature


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