Free Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Affected by Pandemic to Rise and Change with Bina Bisnes Berjaya Program.

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Free Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Affected by Pandemic to Rise and Change with Bina Bisnes Berjaya Program. | It's been a year since Covid-19 hit the world, and this pandemic really make change on people life especially the entrepreneur. Many he Entrepreneur, especially the small business owner has closed down their shop or business and nevertheless many have felt demotivated due this pandemic crisis.

Hence, many also found new chapter in life and took the opportunity to become entrepreneur even though they have lack of knowledge about it. "Nak Ubah Hidup" (Want to Change Your Life), is something you have to do for yourself, not any others right? Therefore, why not grab this opportunity to change your life and your business knowledge with Virtual Online Program "Bina Bisnes Berjaya(Build a Successful Business)" this weekend!

Only 2 days left for you to register yourself to Virtual Online Program "Bina Bisnes Berjaya"- Nak Ubah Hidup Special Edition this weekend. RichWorks International Sdn. Bhd. (RichWorks) provides a platform for the public especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro to rise up during this pandemic.

According to RichWorks Senior Vice President, Radz Mohd, the Virtual Online program Bina Bisnes Berjaya - Special Edition Nak Ubah Hidup that will happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday can help them to see better change even during this pandemic. As we can see, in this challenging period, some entrepreneurs can change to see better achievements as experienced by many entrepreneurs who seek guidance with RichWorks.

"We understand, there must be entrepreneurs out there in a difficult situation, they don't know what else to do, businesses are falling and some have even had to close until there is a sense of despair.

"Therefore, RichWorks together with the Founder, Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman provides this free program which has been proven to change the lives of many people as well as a contribution to society, especially entrepreneurs," he told Kosmo!/Utusan Malaysia here today.

RichWorks as the largest training and coaching company in the country has trained over 1.1 million people from various levels of business since 2008. However, added Radz, the difficulties felt at this time are actually not an obstacle for the entrepreneurial nation to grow and change for the better.

“Based on nearly 13 years of experience in training and mentoring a nation of entrepreneurs, RichWorks found a formula - things and steps that can help them to change in business and life, God willing. Even last year alone, despite the pandemic, a total of 777 SME entrepreneurs under our guidance managed to record an increase until the total sales exceeded RM2 billion," he said.

Therefore, Radz called on SMEs and micro entrepreneurs to give themselves opportunities even though this change is not easy which requires someone's determination.

"Entrepreneurs can also bring their staff and even their families together to learn and take the first step to witness the changes in the business and themselves," he explained. It’s time for entrepreneurs to bounce back with a life and business change towards success in an increasingly pandemic situation.

This Pandemic should not be excuses anymore because we have to bear with it for maybe in more months or maybe years. We have to take this pandemic as a challenge to build yourself, our career even our business in a better place. I also will join this program this weekend and thank you for FREE program and the virtual online, I can join the program from house or anywhere without any excuses.

I hope that everyone take this opportunity to rise up because from my past experience, my goes beyond after joining this program. You know that we have to be in the positive circle and with the successful people to be successful. 

So do visit the website for registration and more information.

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