Perfect Balanced Mini Skin Lab Set by Cosmoderm.

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Perfect Balanced Mini Skin Lab Set by Cosmoderm. | As we getting old, our skin might become more sensitive towards food or skincare. And as someone who had a sensitive skin, I do afraid to applied just anything to my skin. Last time I used wrong skincare, my eyes and lips becomes swollen really bad.

When my whole skincare set finished I search out for new skincare. Are you like me? Easy to feel bored with the same skincare? LOL. This time around, I'm trying out new skincare from Cosmoderm. I heard so many good review about Cosmoderm products and when they come out with new skincare, I totally excited towards it!

Vanity Cosmeceutical Sdn Bhd pioneers Malaysia’s halal cosmetic industry under the brand Cosmoderm since 2001. Cosmoderm products are formulated and manufactured by Malaysians and trusted by healthcare professionals. Cosmoderm is also GMP certified and have met the standards of agencies such as National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) & the Health Ministry. Their products are available in over  2000 pharmacies, hospital health shops and clinics all over Malaysia including retail outlets in Singapore and Lebanon.

This 2021, Cosmoderm came out with new skincare set called Perfect Balanced Mini Skin Lab Set.

The main ingredients in this Perfect Balanced Mini Skin Lab Set is Prebiotics and Calamine. PREBIOTICS is known as food for the Good Bacteria for your micro skin eco-system that helps them to stimulates skin's natural defense, improves skin radiance, and keeps your skin's microbiome balanced.

CALAMINE is used for its soothing skin benefits that includes to eases skin irritation & itchiness, reduces skin oiliness & redness, and also soothes sunburns. This Perfect Balanced Mini Skin Lab Skincare Includes:

1. Perfect Balanced Foaming Cleanser

This foaming cleanser is a gentle sulfate-free cleanser that deep pore cleanses & purifies skin while soothes redness and enhances skin absorption of other nourishing ingredients. It is also FREE from Paraben, Fragrance, Artificial Colorant and SLS/SLES. You can feel your face is soft after using it.

2. Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion

This no.2 step is a toning lotion that when you pour it onto hand is slightly looks like a calamine lotion but it is a little bit lighter. This soothing treatment lotion is formulated with 20,000ppm calamine and prebiotic to calm and soothe redness whilst awakens skin absorption ability, hence increase skin's moisture.

3. Perfect Balanced WOW Cream

Soothing WOW Cream is so wow because it has a triple moisture boost complex, that will helps to restore skin's moisture as well as lightens blemishes on skin surfaces. This lightweight cream is also formulated with concentrated calamine and 30,000ppm prebiotic that soothes and calm skin while improving its barrier. 

4. Perfect Balanced Mineral Sun Milk

Last but not least is Sun Milk SPF25PA++ cream that is good to wear on the daytime. It can helps to protects skin against UVA and UVB. It improves skin's surface protection against environment stress, also helps from sunburn relief and dry skin. It will be a perfect companion during your travel.

Overall, all products are very light, it is odorless and when you applied it really soothed to your skin. With the main ingredients prebiotics and calamine, it does not gave your skin any irritation and it may actually helps to reduce the redness on your sensitive skin. I do love this product and it is suitable for my skin. All products are FREE from Paraben, Fragrance and Artificial Colorant. 

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