Anti-Cyberbully Campaign by Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask.

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Anti-Cyberbully Campaign by Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask. | As the world in on your fingertips many tends to misuse the privilege they had in the social media world. People tend to express their thought and feeling without any hesitance and furthermore they don't even care about others feeling towards their words.

This scenario called cyberbully and has taking many innocent life. Those harsh words will hurts many especially to whom with fragile hearts and this come to attention to many in making the anti-cyberbully campaign happened.

According to a survey conducted by an international survey company, lpsos, 20,793 individuals between the ages of 16 and 84 in 28 countries around the world showed an increasing number of parents that claiming their children had been victims of cyberbullying.

The survey showed more and more parents across Europe and the United States are aware of their children’s negative experiences with online cyberbullying and are quite disgusting.

Malaysia is currently ranked sixth highest in the world and second in Asia in terms of cyberbullying. Cases of cyberbullying in Malaysia occur every day but many go unreported due to lengthy bureaucratic and legal processes.

It is also possible that many bullies are unaware that any malicious content on the internet with the intent to harass, provoke, threaten or abuse is an offense under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

The disturbances received by the victim can lead to depression, mental problems and even worse to suicide. In fact, cyberbullying also contributes to the increase in suicide cases among teenagers.

Aware of the worsening problem of cyber bullying, the Chief Operating Officer of Anggun Kirana Sdn Bhd and the Founder of Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask, Datuk KK Chua, held an Anti -Cyber ​​Bullying campaign.

Datuk KK Chua

According to Datuk KK Chua, victims of cyber bullying can no longer remain silent because it will have a detrimental effect that involves mental disorders.

"Cyberbullying no longer knows the victim whether it is teenagers, students or adults. The most important step is to tell parents or people you feel safe to talk about. The community also has a role to play in listening to their problems, giving positive views or reporting the incident if the victim embarrassed or deadlocked, "he said.

He added that Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask was called to hold this campaign because the artist was also a victim of cyber bullying so that he became depressed and afraid to leave the house.

"However, Malaysian artists who are victims of cyberbullying are still under control compared to artists in Korea when many fail to cope with the situation to the point of committing suicide. Some K-pop stars who have committed suicide have talked about how they struggle with their health because of being victims of cyberbullying. and we are facing the incident did not happen to artists in Malaysia, "he said.

Artists often receive great criticism from netizens, so whatever they upload on social sites is heavily criticized.

"Some artists have had to remain silent and inactive on social media for a while. Some are afraid to leave the house," he said.

Wany Hasrita had been a victim of bullying until she took steps to temporarily deactivate lnstagram. It all stems from the attitude of netizens who bully in cyberspace on the basis of freedom. Hiding behind fake accounts and nonsensical names.

According to Wany Hasrita, without us realizing, the excessive attitude of netizens endangers the individual. Maybe many people think it's just writing and don't pay attention.

"That's wrong because it is more permanent and permeates the memory. What is said will linger in the mind to disrupt the process of life. Everything is so incoherent. Netizens need to cultivate an attitude of social responsibility and pure values ​​in life. Not only artists become mistresses. an example to the next generation but as long as the netizen is human, they are also held accountable, "she said.

Recently, Amira Othman was also a victim of bullying when she was admitted to hospital after her thigh muscles were found torn and bleeding after first attending an indoor cycling gymnastics class but people accused her of taking pills. “I refuse to entertain accusations or criticism from netizens because my family and I know better who I am,” he said.

Elfira Loy, who has been established in the country's industry for 15 years, is also tired of netizens' 'games'. “I took the stance of ignoring their criticism and refusing to entertain trivial matters,” he said.

Erra Fazira also did the same thing when she refused to 'submit' to netizen criticism. "I have work to do and netizens only know how to criticize without knowing the real thing," he said.

Datuk KK Chua said he wanted artists and the community to work together to overcome cyber bullying and not be afraid to report to the authorities.

Glory Premium Hijab Medical Mask

Face masks or masks are now part of the mandatory ‘tools’ to the world’s society as a result of the Covic-19 pandemic outbreak.

Realizing the difficulty of women wearing hijab in this country to get a suitable mask to wear for their appearance, the Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask was born which was on the market last year and is now the best -selling face mask in Malaysia.

Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask is a premium medical face mask made with three layers of fabric that is easy to breathe and comfortable.

According to Datuk KK Chua, the main target of Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask users are those who wear hijab when he received a lot of feedback from this group that it is difficult to get a mask that is easy to wear while wearing hijab.

"Using a regular mask, they have to use a 'mask extender' and it is quite difficult if the mask extender is missing or dropped," he said.

To represent the generation of teenagers and women who already have the light of day, Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask features four ambassadors, namely Erra Fazira, Amira Othman, Wany Hasrita and Elfira Loy.

"The four of them are women who are busy with their careers and Elfira Loy already has bright eyes. They need masks that are easy to wear and comfortable," he said.

Eid Edition

Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask comes in five attractive colors namely Love Latte (soft brown), Soft Olive (pastel green), Apricot Dream, Blue Lagoon and Retro Slate.

It can be purchased at all Caring Pharmacy, Alpro, Georgetown, AEON, AA Pharmacy, Straits Pharmacy, Healthlane and registered agents. You also can buy it online at their official Shopee store.

"We also plan to expand the Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask business to Indonesia as a country with a high population and many women wearing hijab," he said.

This premium face mask product uses the 'tagline' Berani ltu Jelita. Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Mask is serious about tackling the problem of cyber bullying by organizing the Stop Cyber ​​Bullying Women Day Campaign which will be held on 7 July 2021.

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Let us together combat cyberbully!


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