Benefits of Play to Kids!

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Benefits of Play to Kids! | Kids love to play and you should be worried if your kids doesn't love to play because play isn’t all fun and games — it’s also an important teaching tool! Through play, kids learn how to interact with others and develop critical lifelong skills.

As a parent, it is important for us to enhance your kids development and don't be a grumpy parent, or maybe too protective parent who doesn't allow kids to play. By doing so you may limit our child development.

If you still doubting, read these 6 benefits of play in raising well-rounded children :

1. Play Builds Imagination and Creativity

During play, children often mimic adults and create make-believe games. When a child does this, they’re stretching their imagination. They create complex narratives around these roles and learn to think in abstract ways. This abstract thinking is the foundation for more advanced learning and problem solving.

2. Play Fosters Cognitive Growth

A variety of experts agree that play is essential for brain development. Free play positively affects neurological development by influencing how the neural circuits of the brain are wired. Free play has a beneficial impact on confidence, intelligence and communication.

3. Play Reaps Emotional and Behavioural Benefits

Regular play can reduce anxiety, stress and irritability for children while boosting joy and self-esteem. It improves emotional flexibility, resilience and provides an increased ability to deal with change. Through play, children can confront life’s challenges in a way that they can understand and process.

4. Play Facilitates Group Interaction

Group play is where kids are introduced to social roles and cultural norms. They develop the skills necessary to play cooperatively within group structures. It also gives them an opportunity to learn about self-control, test relationships and understand acceptable group behaviour. The skills learned in group play can help form the basis of a child’s social skills.

5. Play Encourages Greater Independence

Solitary play can be just as valuable as group play. It helps kids to prepare for social situations by providing a stronger sense of independence and promoting creativity. Children who choose to play alone at a playground can also learn social cues by observing other group interactions from afar.

6. Play Promotes Physical Fitness

Kids love to be active. Exercise helps to promote physically fit and healthy children. Play encourages this activity, giving kids the opportunity to sharpen reflexes, work on movement control, improve gross motor skills and develop greater balance. They also build strong muscles, improve bone-density and increase cardio-vascular function. Encouraging active play can have positive far-reaching health effects.

Hence, it is important to encourage your kids to play whenever they wanted or it is free time to play. Since Malaysia has announced the MCO 3.0, school is closed and kids can't go out for play. So parent have to be creative on how to encourage kids to stay active and play even in the house. Some activities that I do with my kids during this MCO is cardio exercise in the house and of course I also play game with my kids.

To avoid your kids from play game on the handphone all the time, if you own a laptop or pc it is better for you to encourage them to play online on it. One of the website that I found great to play games is is a FREE Online Video Games Website that have developed during the Pandemic Covid-19 by a father who wanted to add a bit of joy to people’s lives since so many people are stuck at home during rolling lockdowns. Pandemic really hits hard especially last year and many found new hobbies during the lockdown and explore the talent they don't know they have. Becoming a gamers is one of it too. hihi has more than 150 games that are updated everyday. This website is very addictive and as they said you have to play with caution, and here is the top 3 reason why should try playing games at :

1. No Ads

Definitely my number one top reason why I love the platform. Playing games with a lot of ads can be a distraction and we tend to buy and install unnecessary things. Sometimes this ads contains malware that your kids doesn't know and this can harm your laptop and even makes handphone slow. Thus become a profitable website is not the initial target of the founder, hence this website is from any ads.

2. No in-game Upgrade.

Games developer nowadays really makes money with their in-game upgrade likes my kids who loves to play Roblox they tend to ask me to topup their Robux to buy things. This unnecessary items can be a headache to parents and thanxs to with the great initiative to make an Online Gaming Website a happy place to play.

3. 100 Games in one Place!

I remember when I was a kid, they sold different cartridge for different games and even now, different website for different games. But at you can play 100 of games in one place. They are many categories you can choose from here .They also adding games almost everyday to attract people who addicting to their games! Those also categories for kids that allow kids as young as 3 years old to play. My 4 years old sons enjoy playing games here and he excited with the variation of games that available in this site.

pin ball games

For me, I'm excited to play games like Pac-Man and Pin Ball Machine. It was a fun games during my childhood and I was really good at the game back then, but I don't know did my skill has gone or what, I couldn't get great score on this site. haha 

Apart of it, with this variation of games, you can stimulate your kids IQ when they play. Playing video games also teach your kids to be more creative, patient, never give up and even teach them to be particular, precise in doing things. It also can helps they learns new vocab, new terms and things and also helps to stimulate their bonding with parents or siblings. So mommy and daddy lets play games with your kids, it can give benefits to them too!

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