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Learn Culinary Arts Fun Way with Culinaryschools.org Today! | Cooking can be a fun thing to do if you know how to make it simple and fast to do. After graduating with Degree in Culinary Arts, I found a passion for cooking and the best thing about it is you can receive happiness when people are satisfied with your dishes.

During the pandemic last year, many also took the opportunity to enhance their cooking skills when they work from home. On Facebook, they even have a group "Masak Apa Hari Ini"(what did you cook today?) and even FB Group "Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ini"(what did you cook not turn well today?). Is hilarious to see all the posting and of course, some can teach you a lot.

Zahra playing Play The Boiled Eggs Cooking Game

Discover Your Kids Interest in Cooking with culinaryschools.org 

Hence, during my Diploma I found that playing the cooking games, which is the Hells Kitchen excites me a lot. Recently, I cross a website culinaryschools.org that provided a lot of cooking games and this can be a good exposure to kids who wanted to know the basic knowledge of cooking before they go in the real kitchen. This also can help you discover their interest in cooking while they still young so you can help to enhance more their skills in this field.

https://www.culinaryschools.org/kids-games/ you can give children the exposure of life in the kitchen, like how hard is working in the kitchen. Many didn't know the reality of working in the kitchen, and maybe if your kids love to order anything you teach them the processed, so they will know is not that easy to cook right? One of the games that show it is Sweety Cooking Chocolate Baking Game and Open Restaurant Management Game.

open restaurant management game,
Open Restaurant Management Game

Sweety Cooking Chocolate Baking Game is a simple game that familiarizes children with the kitchen and following a recipe. You can teach your kids to understand and follow instructions with this game and it is a definitely suitable game for my kid's age. While Open Restaurant Management Game gives you so much fun while having the pressure to ensure your restaurant can operate smoothly and make a profit.

Can I Eat Games

Other than teaching the process, this site also offers educational games where it can help teach your kids between the edible and non-edible food your kids can eat. With the game Can I Eat It Game, young kids can learn to identify items and know that things can be eaten or not. Even though it is a simple game, you have to be quick to score high marks.

3 Reasons You Will Enjoy Culinaryschools.org

This site covers many basic things about the Culinary world and this is the top reason why I like this site.

1. No ads

Apart from their tons of games, they didn't use any ads at their games and of course, we know ads can be a distraction while playing games. On this site, you play games with no limit and no ads will interrupt you to go another level.

2. Interesting Games Character

SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Crisis Game
SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Crisis Game

This site has so many great cartoon characters that will attract your kids to play from SpongeBob, Scooby-Doo, We Bare Bears, Tom and Jerry, and many other exciting characters I bet your kids will know and like to play with. My kids love cartoons and they really have fun playing games with their favorite character at culinaryschools.org 

3. Information About Culinary 

As someone who is really close to culinary, I really love the have a lot of information about Culinary in here from how to become a chef, where you can learn Culinary and even how many salaries of a chef. I do respect someone who can be successful and become a chef because the work pressure is so high especially if you are working in the hotel.

Hence at cullinaryschools.org they provided much information so the young ones can learn from young with all this information : 

  • Culinary Terms for Kids
  • Recipes for Culinary Kids
  • Understanding Food Safety
  • Culinary Cautions: Allergies, Intolerances, & Poisoning
  • Kids' Health + Nutrition
  • Foods for Heart Health
  • Future Chefs: Culinary Resources for Kids
  • Online Nutrition Games for Kids
  • Edible Crafts for Culinary Kids!
  • What's Cooking: A Culinary Curriculum for Cultivating Foodie Kids
  • The Lifelong Benefits of Cooking With Children
  • A Family Affair: The Science Behind Creating Culinary Masterpieces With Your Young Chef

It's cool to have a website that can give so much fun yet so much information about Culinary in one place right? So if you wanted your kids to be a chef or your kids might show interest in cooking, you can teach them manually with the culinaryschools.org site. Therefore when they went into practical, things will be smoother. 

Anyway, I do enjoy playing games here with my kids and shall continue doing it now. Don't forget to check out https://www.culinaryschools.org/kids-games/ now gais!

                       Nostalgic Gen-Y Games 

Cooking is Life!

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  1. Wow!! Bestnya dapat main masak-masak. Lagi hebat ini kalau dah dari kecil boleh kenal barang dapur. Tergugat sis.

  2. ini namanya sambil main sambil dapat ilmu ni.. acik ita pun suka main games macam ni ya anak-anak.. jadi marilah laju-laju kita terjah.. haha

  3. syoknye ada game online macam nih... buakan kanak-kanak saje yang main nih, mak-mak pun teringin nak main juga sambil-sambil tu boleh praktikkan kerja2 di dapur...

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