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MARRYBROWN’S ‘EGG-STRA ONG’ RETURNS WITH LAGI POWER FOR AN EGG-STRA PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR! | Chinese New Year approaching so fast and as Malaysian who live in the multiracial country, there always something we will look forward during Chinese New Year like the Kuih Kapit, tart nenas and of course SALE!

When talked about Chinese Food, the Salted Egg menu are Malaysian favorite and are you missing Marrybrown’s Salted Egg menu? Don’t worry, Marrybrown heard your pleas and is making a comeback with its ‘Eggstra Ong Lagi Power’ meal! 

This irresistibly salty rich salted egg sauce is making its annual return with an even more flavourful impact to salted egg lovers out there this coming Chinese New Year, starting from today till 28 February 2022

Marrybrown Malaysia Egg-Stra Ong Menu,

Constantly delivering ‘something different’ with the best food and services for their Memang Best fans, this year, Marrybrown is bringing back their ever-so-famous and succulent salted egg menu with lagi power kicks especially on their burger where chilli flakes are sprinkled on the bun and extra salted egg sauce - upping the ante with some spiciness to complement the salted egg flavoured burger. 

The perfect combination of mild spiciness from the chilli flakes burger bun and salted egg sauce will definitely give fans the extra ‘shock’ to their taste buds! 

Marrybrown Malaysia Egg-Stra Ong Menu,

“Malaysians (till now) have been experiencing ups and downs for the past year, and there are times we have to miss significant celebrations with family and friends due to the pandemic. Now that we can finally reunite with our loved ones this Chinese New Year, we are more than happy to bring back the Egg-stra Ong meals for our customers with lagi power flavours to signify the extra happiness celebration we are bound to get. 
We hope our ‘Egg-stra Ong’ meals will bring people extra joy and lagi power while gearing up for the festive season,” said Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown.

Marrybrown Egg-Stra Ong Menu.

Egg-stra Ong Chicken Combo,
Egg-stra Ong Chicken Combo 

The Egg-stra Ong meals are filled with a combination of sweet, salty and spicy flavours that brings a certain ‘umami’ deliciousness to every bite. Fans can opt for either two or three pieces of Egg-stra Ong Chicken Combo priced from RM 17.90 and RM 22.90 respectively. All chicken combos come with mashed potato, vegetable salad and a cup of Minute Maid® Refresh® Orange. 

Egg-stra Ong Chicken Burger Combo
Egg-stra Ong Chicken Burger Combo

Meanwhile, the Egg-stra Ong Chicken Burger Combo comes with an Egg-stra Ong Chicken Burger, french fries and a cup of Minute Maid® Refresh® Orange, priced from RM 14.90. To add to the savoury deliciousness, fans can add-on extra salted egg sauce to their meals from RM 2.50.

Egg-stra Ong Big Box,
Egg-stra Ong Big Box

For those who wants to indulge in both Egg-stra Ong Burger and Chicken with their family and friends, they can opt for the Egg-stra Ong Big Box which includes both Egg-stra Ong burger and two pieces of Egg-stra Ong Chicken, complete with french fries and a cup of Minute Maid® Refresh® Orange, priced from RM25.80. 

Egg-stra Ong Family Meal,
Egg-stra Ong Family Meal 

Another great deal for a big family or group of friends would be the Egg-stra Ong Family Meal as it consists of two burgers, eight pieces of chicken, one bowl of large mashed potato and a 1.5 Litre Coca-Cola® from RM80.00 - an enjoyable sharing platter for a festive get-together. 

“Our Memang Best fans have always shown us an overwhelming support and motivation over the years, and because of this trust upon us, we want to continue offering ‘something different’ to our fans especially with our much-loved Egg-stra Ong meal. We are confident that our salted egg sauce together with the chilli flakes on the bun is that ‘something different’ that will elevate our fans’ experience of our version of salted egg,” concluded Dato’ Joshua Liew.

Marrybrown salted egg sauce,
extra sauce for only RM2.50

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for your perfect dining experience. And of course this Malaysian brand is Halal certified and have been trusted for many years.

I guess if you loves Salted Egg and you like Marrybrown fried chicken this will be your favorite menu. And don't forget to try it out before the end of February because it cames once a year gais!

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  1. Ingat besok nak belilah.. harap dapatlah sosnya banyak, atau minta awal-awal extra sos hehehe.. geramm nengok semua orang dah makan..

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