Hello 2022 and 5 Ways to Start a Productive Year!

Amirrah Othman
Hello 2022 and 5 Ways to Start a Productive Year! | Another day passed by and we have come to another yesterday. Hello 2022! 

Last year, the world made history with the novel coronavirus vaccine jab. I have done my part with 2 doses of vaccine and I guess that was a big deal last year. Other than that, I think 2022 is an unproductive year and nothing has happened, except me and my family got infected with Covid-19 too and survive.

hello 2022,

Anyway this year I hope everything will be productive for me and you of course. So let's try these 5 ways to start a productive year ahead shall we?

1. Know what your commitments are. 

If you don’t have a complete inventory of your current commitments, you will accept new tasks indiscriminately. Many of them should not be part of your life since they are not aligned with your goals and prevent you from moving forward with your new projects. Although it may sound contradictory, it is necessary to set up certain limits in order to experience freedom. If you know what you have to do, you also know what you should not do.

2. Find out where you are. 

You can’t move towards the future if you don’t know exactly what your current reality is. What are your current tasks, projects, areas of responsibility, goals and vision of life? You need to review and define your current situation with perspective.

3. Know where your limits are. 

Don’t try to do everything, be everything, and have everything. That would exhaust psychologically and physically to anyone. More does not necessarily mean better. Focus on significant and positive goals, and set the next actions to move forward all of them.

4. Clean up your incomplete stuff. 

You won’t be able to focus on new challenges if most of your energy is diluting trying to face multiple open loops. Complete tasks and projects, large and small, to prepare the ground to face your new challenges clearly and cleanly. Start anywhere. There are no priorities, only things that should be done as soon as possible and things that can wait.

5. Free your mind. 

There are things to come that you still can’t see. They will open new paths and unlock new opportunities for you. You have to be ready for anything and learn to effectively respond to anything that attracts your attention. To do this you need to capture everything that comes to your head and clarify its real meaning. Creativity shows up only when there is room for it.

So let's pray this 2022 will be good for all no matter who you are, where you are.

Stay safe everyone.

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  1. Selamat tahun baru Miera..
    Moga tahun ini lebih baik dari yang sudah...

  2. Selamat tahun baru 2022. Thanks for tips. nak kena fokus dan azam membara. refresh!

  3. dalam diam nak berakhir tahun 2023.... kena target azam baru tuk 2024

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