Use RFID with Go+ for More Shariah-Compliant System.

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Use RFID with Go+ for More Shariah-Compliant System. | One of the e-wallet systems that is famous in Malaysia is TouchnGo and these few days the RFID system that is under the  TouchnGo system has gone viral. 

This issue has been raised since the government has made the RFID systems the major system in the PLUS Highway and many did not please with it. 

RFID on the highway,

Why use RFID rather than Smart Tag?

But then, although today there is a lot of traffic because of the use of RFID to replace the Smart Tag, RFID still has an advantage because you can continue to link with the TouchnGo e-wallet. To top-up e-wallet is easier where you can use online banking only, and I think it is super convenient to the user nowadays.

rfid vs smart tag

Furthermore, RFID is just a sticker where it is proven long-lasting and did not need maintenance like a Smart Tag, which needs a battery change after some period. You also can top-up it anywhere, anytime without any surcharges too.

where to buy RFID sticker,
order your RFID sticker on TNG e-wallet

If you still don't have your RFID sticker don't forget to buy it easily at TouchnGo e-wallet apps, and it is more trusted.

Did TouchnGo and GO+ e-wallets Shariah-Compliant?

Go+ on touchngo e-wallet,
Go+ on TNG e-wallet

Likewise, you have to pay a little attention here. This TouchnGo e-wallet has not yet fully obtained Shariah-compliant status. Shariah-compliant only applied to GO+, which is a Shariah-compliant fund that links to TouchnGo e-wallets.

The main issue for all e-wallets that have not been able to comply with Shariah is the trust account where they park the user's money, it has not been determined whether the account is Islamic or conventional, and most likely conventional.

Upgrade to Go+ and Cash Out Easily

So, since we all use RFID, and when using RFID we will use TouchnGo e-wallet, so, it is recommended everyone register to Go+ and transfer all balances into Go+, at least there is a guarantee that our money is placed in a Shariah-compliant account. The money in the Go+ account, you can still use to pay the toll payments, in-store purchases and you just need to make sure the e-wallet account is RM0 and all balance transfers into Go+.

And plus you will be able to withdraw money from there. You will automatically be able to add more money to the account, and the limit will be raised to more than RM25k in the account. So you can transfer and also cash out the money to your bank account as you please not like the normal TouchnGo e-wallet account.

earn with Go+,
something than nothing

In addition, you can also continue to top up Go+ without having to top up the e-wallet first. And what I like more about the Go+ function is where you can earn earnings with your saving in the wallet and you can have it every day. I have upgraded my Go+ wallets and can see the earning already even though it is just RM0.0004, it is still something right?

So, save wisely and go for the Shariah-compliant way.

Credit to: Admin, Dr. Ahmad Sufyan Che Abdullah

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