Easy and Delicious Recipe of Bawal Sweet Sour.

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Easy and Delicious Recipe of Bawal Sweet Sour. | Hi everyone, having a Monday blues today? As a housewife, cooking is my daily routine and today I still don't have any idea what to cook yet even though I had my grocery shopping yesterday.

Scrolling down at my gallery, I found a picture of Bawal{Pomfret} Sweet Sour that I cook last month I think. My son really loves the sweet-sour recipe and he ate it gracefully every time I cook the sweet-sour fish. The sweet sour recipe is good with fish and sometimes people use prawns for this recipe. But did you know what kind of fish is great with the sweet-soursweet-sour sauce?

black pomfret sweet sour recipe,

Fish Suitable for Sweet Sour

As the fish will deep-frying first, you should choose a fish that is best for deep frying, so it can make your sweet-sour recipe delicious. Fishes with form flesh are best for deep-frying, as they will not break easily. However, most of the lean fish with white flesh are suitable for frying. Some common examples are trout, bass, snapper, tilapia, pomfret, and cod.

The famous and common fish that are served in Thai restaurant is snapper, black pomfret, and also small fish like mackerel. And Asian people will usually cook the whole fish in a pan, but if you don't like the idea of the whole fish, you can fillet your fish before you cooked it.

Variation of the sweet-sour recipe

The sweet-sour recipe has many versions /styles of the recipe where it is coming from Chinese style. Malay style, Thailand style, and also Pinoy style. The Chinese style of cooking uses Plum sauce and wine vinegar in their cooking, while the Thailand style might be spicier than the Malaysian style. 

Hence, today I'll share my easy and delicious recipe of black pomfret sweet-sour.

How to Cook Sweet Sour Black Pomfret Fish Recipe (My style)


black pomfret sweet sour ingredients,

2 black pomfret fish
1 large onion squash - cut into dice
3 cloves of garlic
1 cm ginger
tomato sauce - 2 tbsp
chili sauce - 2 tbsp
1/2 cut of pineapple- cut into dice
1 no of cucumber - cut into dice
2 tomatoes - cut into dice
3 bird eye chilies - slice into 2
salt to taste

Cooking method:

black pomfret sweet sour recipe,

1. Wash the fish well, then rub well with salt and turmeric. You also can add cornflour, to make it more crispier. Then fry until cooked.

2. Pour the fish frying oil into another container, leaving a little in the pan.

3. Saute onions and garlic and ginger. Add tomato sauce and chili if thick and add a little water.

4. After the gravy boils, add pineapple, tomato, and also cucumber and season with sugar and salt. Do make the taste balance, so you can taste sweet and sour.

4. After the sauce is cooked, pour it on top of the fried fish.

5. Then you can garnish with sliced ​​red chilies, scallions, and also coriander to add more flavor into dish. 

black pomfret sweet sour recipe,

There you go my simple and delicious(to me and  my family) recipe for you to try out. Do let me know the results once you have try it out.

Till then, whats for lunch today gais?

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