Easy and Delicious Way to Cook Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce.

Amirrah Othman
Easy and Delicious Way to Cook Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce. | Salmon is well-known fish in Norwegian also in Japan. Many of their dish use Salmon as the main course. Do you love Salmon? 

I love Salmon very bad and of course one of my favorite dishes is Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce. This simple dish is yet very delicious to enjoy with the whole family. My son Fateh really enjoys eating this dish even though he is just a typical Malay who love Spaghetti Goreng more than Salmon. :P

So here is the simple and delicious recipe of Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce.

* One servings
1 Salmon
Salt n Pepper

5 tbsp butter
10 sliced Shitake Mushroom
5 stalk Asparagus
2 clove garlic
100ml cooking cream
Half squuezed of lemon
Salt n pepper to taste

1. Pan Fried Salmon with a butter until cook, then set aside.
2. Using the same pan, saute shitake and asparagus until cook and set aside.
3. Then saute garlic with butter then add cream into it. Cook until it thick then squuezed lemon in it. Then season it with salt and pepper.
4. Assemble shitake and asparagus also Salmon on a plate then pour sauce on top of it.

It is ready to serve.

On the site note you also can improvised the recipe where you can add shitake and spinach in the sauce and later you can serve it with Salmon and pasta. It taste great too. 

Even typing this made me drooling for it. Hope you can try out this recipe and leave me a comment after you try it!

Happy cooking!


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  1. Sis pun dah tersuka kat ikan salmon ni. Sis pernah masak asam pedas dan kari ikan salmon ajer. Lepas ni nak try resipi ni pulak.

  2. The texture of the salmon fish itself is creamy so by adding this it will be more flavourful and delicious.

  3. akk selalu bakar lemon tapi tak try lagi buat sos lemon. Nantj boleh try la

  4. Salmon ni masak guna butter gini je yang sedap kann, rumah ni kalau ada Salmon pun suka masak cara gini Miera.. jarang buat menu lain, kadang nak try juga macam orang buat asam pedas tu..

  5. Sedapnya tengok menu Salmon akak. Suka kuah camni, nyummy! Nak cuba buat lah nanti. Selalu beli sayur tu dapat banyak. Bleh pelbagaikan masakan. Hehehe.

  6. nampak sedap! rsipi pun macam mudah je nak buat. cuma boleh ke kalau ganti ikan tu dengan ayam? hahaah sebab khai tak makan ikan

  7. Wow. Such an easy to do recipe and the final product looks so tempting and professionally done. Perhaps I will try this too soon hehe

  8. Wahhh menariknye menu. Tak pernah makan lagi ikan salmon. Boleh try resepi ni nanti

  9. thanks for sharing this recipes. gonna try it for dinner tomorrow since i am die hard fan any types of Salmon menu

  10. Nampak recipe ni baru teringat seriously lama tak makan salmon dah.. last year masa housemate kerja kat Haseyo World, selalu juga dapatkan stok salmon mur mur... tempting la tengok recipe ni.. :P boleh try..

  11. I love salmon & butter, so gonna try out your recipe ni. Thanks for sharing this tasty tips. Cheers siennylovesdrawing

  12. Senang jer resrpi dia, nti blhlah cuba sbb bila anak beli ikan Salmon xtau apa nak masak

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