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Amirrah Othman
Be More Active with Nu-Prep! | Being an active takes a lot of energy and we gain energy mostly from what we eat everyday. Eating a proper diet and will gave benefits to you but somehow when we become older we need more than a cup of rice to gain energy.

Being a mom of 4, I need a lot energy everyday because there is a lot of work I need to entertain everyday. For me, eating is not the only option for it. Thus, I took supplement Nu-Prep to help me gain extra energy everyday. Nu-Prep do help me to be more active everyday and did you know more people who needed Nu-Prep more nowadays?

Chronic Illness Among Seniors May Increase By 2030.

Malaysia is now heading towards an ‘Aging Nation’ because the population of senior citizens in Malaysia is estimated to increase by 15% by the year 2030, at the same time will increase the number of those with chronic diseases such as illness heart, diabetes & high blood pressure. 

This fact was shared during a digital forum hosted by Nu-Prep, a supplement brand under Biotropics Malaysia Berhad (BMB) in conjunction with Hari World Senior Citizens celebrated on 21 August.

The forum hosted by Fahrin Ahmad, the country’s popular celebrity, was joined by panels consisting of experts in the study of aging issues including Associate Professor Dr. Noorlaili, Faculty of Medicine Family Physician & H-Care Fellow, Dr. Norman Norawi, Specialist Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition as well as Esma Daniel, the country’s famous actress, who making a sharing about his experience of practicing a life that continues to be active in age that has already reached 50 years.

In conjunction with World Senior Citizens Day as well, Nu-Prep has taken the initiative to launched the #TerusAktif campaign with the intention of encouraging senior citizens in Malaysia to stay active and fit in the golden age. The Digital Forum is titled ‘Seniors #KeepActive Science-Guided ”discusses issues that are often experienced by seniors in Malaysia, the root cause of the problems experienced and also how we can solve or reduce the risk of such problems.

Nu-Prep has a wide range of products such as Nu-Prep Men and Nu-Prep Women which helps to maintain and replenish energy in the body. In addition to reaching existing objectives, this campaign by Nu-Prep also aims to create awareness to senior citizens in Malaysia to do early detection to prevent diseases that are often experienced in the golden age.

What is Nu-Prep?

Nu-Prep is a health supplement to increase energy and health to a better level. So that senior citizens can:
  • KEEP FIT living your daily routine
  • KEEP ENERGETIC all day long
  • CONTINUE THE SPIRIT to achieve dreams & desires

Nu-Prep is far different from other Tongkat Ali-based products available in the market. After undergoing 14 human clinical studies & 24 in vitro clinical studies, Nu-prep becomes a high quality product with Physta Tongkat Ali extract which has water-soluble bioactivity.

Physta is a premium brand of water soluble Tongkat Ali root extracts, produced by a unique technology that has been patented to obtain beneficial bioactive components for good health. Among the bioactive ingredients are phenolics, tannins, high molecular weight polysaccharides, glycoproteins, and mucopolysaccharides.

Some if the benefits we can get from consuming nu-prep includes : 
  • Enhances men's health & vitality
  • Increases energy & strengthen the body
  • Overcomes fatigue
  • Improves blood circulations

More About Physta®

1.The world's first patented Eurycoma Longifolia extract
Physta is a Tongkat Ali extract that goes through a standard freeze drying process that extracts bioactive compounds optimally and is proven to be safe and clinically effective. The freeze drying method is widely used in the nutraceutical industry as it is recognized as the best method for extracting nutrients from Eurycoma Longifolia.

2. Studied and clinically proven by scientists.
Physta is the result of the first extraction technology patented through a joint collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Has been studied by various certified scientists and proven through 16 clinical studies and 9 toxicological studies.

3. Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia
Obtained approval by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and guaranteed safe to use.

3. Recognized as Halal by JAKIM
Physta, the main ingredient in Nu-Prep has been recognized as Halal by JAKIM and can be used without hesitation.

Hence, I hope that everyone can change their mindset about Tongkat Ali, it's not only about libido but it also energy and muscle for our body. If you have parent at home, do consult with your doctor before consuming this okay. If they can consumed it, do buy it for them because we want them to be healthy and strong especially during this pandemic.

Do try it the Nu-Prep cos I received benefits consuming it too!

For more information go to :

You also can get at any Guardian, Caring, Watson or any pharmacy across Malaysia. Do get it online at biotropics, Shopee, Lazada

* Research : Tambi, M.I. “Nutrients and botanicals for optimizing men‘s health: Examining the evidence for Eurycoma Longifolia jack, the Malaysian Ginseng in men‘s health.” Poster presented at Nanjing, China. Abstract published in Asian Journal of Andrology (2009). Vol. 11(5):25-95.


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  1. Baru tau tau perempuan pun boleh makan Tongkat Ali ni kannn, Sis dah order, tak sabar nak cuba, paling takut usia tua ni kalau sakit lutut huhuhu.. minta dijauhkan laaa...

  2. Nu-Prep ni diuji secara klinikal. So taklah skeptical takut nak makan suplimen. Tongkat Ali tu Ginseng Malaysia tau. Rugi la kita org Malaysia tak consume. Tumbuh subur di Malaysia. Hehe.

  3. Nu-Prep ni jenama yang dah lama wujud. Dan ada di farmasi terpilih. Nak amalkan pun tak lah risau.

  4. Selalu ingat Tongkat Ali, untuk ehem ehem kan. Bagus ada nya info sebegini, biar semua tau ianya elok untuk kesihatan semua dan bukannya untuk ehem ehem je.

  5. bagus inisiatif yg dibawakan oleh Nu Prep untuk kita kekal aktif senantiasa

  6. Thanks for sharing this, I read about Nu-Prep but have not try it yet. Will check out.

  7. Huhu! Baca about Chronic Illness, rasanya not only senior even those at late remaja also having this issue now.. i rasa lifestyle kot.. good to have this Nu Prep kan.. kena amalkan juga la..

  8. actually khai baru tau yang produk ini ada untuk perempuan rupanya. selama ini mati-mati ingatkan untuk lelaki je hahaahha tq sis share boleh bagi dekat mak ayah juga nanti

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