Exclusive Discussion on Graduates Course Selection with Tun Mahathir on YEG Academy Platform

Amirrah Othman
Exclusive Discussion on Graduates Course Selection with Tun Mahathir on YEG Academy Platform. | The online education and career platform, Your Education Guidance Academy (YEG) is pleased when the former 7th Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad or more affectionately known as Tun M is willing to spend time sharing his experiences with netizens, especially students who have graduated from Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

Through the highlight program 'Educareer Post COVID-19 Bootcamp' which will take place on 22 August 2021, Tun M will have a casual chat with the host, Tengku Izwan Fareed on the topic 'Higher Education Revolution to be Relevant to the Job Market' on all YEG Academy social media platforms and the statesman started at 10.30am. As the results of the survey found that 90% of students who continued their studies at IPT regretted the major they chose, the YEG Academy also hopes that Tun M who was once given the mandate as Minister of Education can share his opinion with netizens later.

Before that, the famous entrepreneur and rapper, Caprice will first open the morning curtain by also sharing his experience in pursuing his ambitions.

Interestingly about the 'bootcamp' organized by YEG Academy, it not only took place online but also featured many personalities and famous celebrities of the country from various backgrounds such as MK K-Clique, Caprice, Ernie Zakri, Wani Kayrie, Faiz Dickie , Pencetus Ummah (PU) Amin and many more. At the same time, YEG Academy is also the first online education and career platform in Malaysia to succeed in such a program.

Starting on August 2, those who have watched this live broadcast on average gave very positive feedback. Among them, they can make a more accurate choice of majors, recognize their potential, know the needs of the industry and much more.

According to the directors of YEG Academy, Mr. Hasan bin Ithnin and Mr. Azizulhakim bin Suhaimi, the purpose of this program is to help school and university students out there choose the right career with the needs of the industry now and at the same time reduce the country's unemployment rate.

“Our purpose in organizing the‘ Educareer Post COVID-19 Bootcamp ’is to help young SPM graduates aged 17 to 19 or those who are interested, make the right choice in the selection of higher education institutions. For the record, in the three years starting from 2018 to 2020, a total of 4000 young people have been assisted by YEG Academy to continue their studies and build a career " explained Hasan.

Taking into account the current situation, YEG Academy has also held this ‘virtual’ live broadcast session for free on the Instagram page where the actual value for this participation is RM1999 per person. In addition, this program also receives support from Tabung Haji, Fully Paid Industrial Training (LIBP), Innovative School of Management (ISM) and Aviation Career Malaysia.

“We are aware of the current situation in the country which is facing the COVID-19 pandemic since a year ago, causing many young people to complain that there is no additional reference on their direction after SPM.

“So, YEG Academy has decided to hold a session to share ideas and views for the first time with famous figures of the country for free. This is a golden opportunity for them to join this session because basically they have to pay RM 1999 for a session for 21 days but this time it is free "added Azizulhakim

The factor of guest speakers consisting of well-known personalities and celebrities of the country is because YEG Academy would like to invite them to share their previous experiences before becoming famous and successful in their respective fields.

"We see them not only because they are famous or known as celebrities. However, because of the achievements that have been enjoyed before, we are called to invite them to share experiences. For example, Wani Kayrie has managed to get excellent results in SPM and Faiz Dickie has been a lecturer "

"With their credibility as famous figures, we believe we can inspire the young people who watch this talk session. Not to be forgotten, Tun M who is indeed known to the world as one of the respected leaders. Of course, many partnerships will be made by this statesman, not to mention the audience can ask questions when the live broadcast is made later "said Hasan again.

To join the YEG Academy program, visit the link http://yegmy.com/bootcamp/ today. Follow the latest developments via social media sites :

Facebook : @youreducationguidance
Instagram : @yegacademy.official 
YouTube : @YEGAcademy

* Parents should watch this too right? You don't want to end up making a bad choice for your kids in the future. ;)

About YEG Academy

Aiming to be the largest education and career platform in Asia by 2023, Your Education Guidance Academy (YEG) is wholly owned by YEG Academy (M) Sdn Bhd. Officially started operating in 2018, YEG Academy helps and connects young M40 and B40 to further their studies at quality Bumiputera Private Higher Education Institutes (IPTS) as places at Public Higher Education Institutes (IPTA) are quite limited due to meritocracy.

The company also consistently ensures young people get a complete education in its ecosystem; study and get a job after graduation. YEG Academy, based in Kota Damansara, Selangor, also guarantees that the additional learning syllabus related to digital economics is always updated according to the current world circulation.

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