I've tested out Positive Covid-19!

Amirrah Othman
I've tested out Positive Covid-19! | Since 2020, the world has been shock by the existent of new virus Covid-19. Covid-19 that originated from China, and been believe came from the Bat. The virus has hit Malaysia since March and has change our life since then.

We had to live in the New Norm, where everyday was about wearing mask, take care social distancing and sanitising. We live in anxiety and unpeaceful life everyday. We anxious with the high case in our area, and decided to stop our food business for a while, but yeah, we can only plan for the best but Allah plan is more better. I've tested out positive Covid-19 along with my 2 kids on 27 July 2021.

So the story began with a sore throat on Friday 23rd July. I thought because I had too much Durian and Rambutan that day. And on the Saturday my sore throat getting worst and I had fever that night. My fever getting worst with all my body feel ache and the worst nightmare came when I lost my smell and tastebuds on Sunday night. I try to smell my son ointment but couldn't smell anything, and I took my perfume, spray it and smell nothing. It such a shock but still my husband says it maybe because I had flu. Huhu

But then when my daughter also got fever that night, I decided to go to Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya tomorrow. So, that Monday morning I made appointment for 4 of us; me,Zahra, Malique and Ghazy. As expected, they made a swab test and took our blood sample for test. Blood sample is to test out Dengue fever virus since our area have Dengue cases too.

Doctor said, we will call you if you are positive Covid-19 and will sms you if you are negative. So we when to buy McDonalds on our back home. While we at McDonalds, I got called from KK Kelana Jaya. Yes, I was tested positive along with my 2 kids Zahra and Malique. I almost cried and don't know what to said to my family. Everyone was shocked hearing the result and they couldn't believe the news. But, you know everything happen is way beyond our control.

So the next day, we took our swab test result at KK. They told us to register our result using mySejahtera apps but still today, I'm not sure how to registered my kids result. My husband had their white band, but we the positive doesn't wear any band. They said just stay at home, so we had home quarantine since that day. At my day 4 quarantine, my mother in law result came out and she also tested positive. My husband doesn't want to take any test but he also not feeling well this day.

I still don't have my tastebuds and smells until today, 31st July 2021 and I wonder when will I got it back. That is one of the Allah gift I think we should always thankful for. 


Today, 5 August 2021, Alhamdulillah I got my tastebuds slightly but not so strong than before. My smells also not quite good yet, I can't even smell my son poo poo yet, it just came once a while like a very far smells. Haha..but still I'm grateful I have it. And for the taste I still cannot taste salty taste yet. Its weird, and everything about this Covid is a new experience for me. On day 9 tested positive I still have cough sometime and my body not fully strong yet. I felt tired easily and even cheering for Azizul Hasnan yesterday makes me lost my breath. Haha

Anyway, my husband still not progressing very great yet, and I'm quite worry about it because he didn't have his Vaccine yet, and he missed his appointment on the 30 July because of the quarantine. But hopefully he can regain his health soon! 

Hope everyone can put our names in your prayer and I hope Covid will be gone soon. This MCO makes us waste so much time right? Or likewise many have a lot of time to spend with their family and God. 

Anyway stay safe everyone, you never know what is real until you experience it yourself. Let's pray you will never had it cos it really sick!


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