Summerfield's Milk Distributions at PPV Bagan Serai to Support the Frontliners.

Summerfield's Milk Distributions at PPV Bagan Serai to Support the Frontliners. | As at today Malaysia has stated 1.3Million cases of Covid-19 and from this cases, Covid-19 took more than 12k of our Malaysian. Cases in Malaysia is still high abd the number of those infected with Covic-19 continues to rise and all the frontliners are tired, lethargic and some are unable to spend time with their families.

Sadly, the epidemic also claimed the lives of frontliners and their departure continues to be mourned by family members. My sister who also a frontliners also affected by Covid-19 last week, she still on her quarantine and I hope she gets well soon.

Hud Distribution Director, Mohd Firdaus Ab Wahab (left) and Noorhidayati Mohd Zuhudin (right)

As a sign of support for the frontliners who work hard to treat and save the lives of those infected with deadly germs, recently, Hud Distribution Sdn Bhd, the Summerfield brand milk distribution company, distributed 720 boxes of milk to the frontliners who on duty at PPV Stadium Bagan Serai.

The director, Noorhidayati Mohd Zuhudin, said that her team were there to distribute the milk to make all the frontliners happy and cheerful.

“As the frontliners who takes care of the safety and health of the people, they themselves need to be healthy and energetic. They are like a line of defense that ensures the well-being and peace to the others.

For almost two years, the world and this country in particular have been hit by the terrible epidemic, the daily routine of frontliners also has changed where they have to exert their energy and time 24 times a day because this epidemic is not like any other common disease.

It is a silent killer where the appearance cannot be seen and felt. Frontliners continue to strive to provide the best treatment to patients, ” she said.

The milk also distributed to those who have been vaccinated at PPV Bagan Serai that day. Noorhidayati Mohd Zuhudin, said that those who have been vaccinated have side effects such as body discomfort, fever and lethargy. Hopefully, the nutrients in this milk can benefit them.

After completing the milk distribution in Bagan Serai, Hud Distribution will go to PPV Ipoh, Tanjung Malim, Penang, Kedah and Perlis.

Summerfield has three flavors namely Strawberry, Full Cream and Chocolate. Noorhidayati added that apart from its deliciousness, it is also nutritious. Suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Summerfield Distributor Wanted!

Hydrid Allied Dairy Company Sdn Bhd is the producer of Summerfield Brand Milk while Hud Distribution Sdn Bhd is the milk distribution company in the Northern Region covering Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis.

It is 100 percent Malaysian-made product and has a factory in Kluang, Johor. In 2011, Summerfield was involved in the 1Malaysia Milk Program (PS1M). If you have kids, you will know this milk that been given to kids at school for the milk program.

This milk product has been on the market since 2007 but Summerfield UHT milk was only launched last July. Noorhidayati, who manages Hud Distribution with her husband, Mohd Firdaus Ab Wahab, said her distribution company operates in Klebang Bistari, Ipoh.

“We distribute Summerfield throughout Perak and this milk can be bought at almost 200 stores in the state. To expand this business, we are looking for agents and very much welcome those who have lost their source of income due to this pandemic to become our company's sales representatives," she said.

Noorhidayati said, the capital to become an agent is as low as RM86 and they will be given three flavors of milk includes Strawberry, Full Cream and Chocolate. And for those who did not have any direct capital are also welcome to become Summerfiled agent.

" Those who have no capital at all, will be given milk first. After it is sold, they just pay and they take the profit, ” she said.

For those who want to be their agent purchase Summerfield's products can call 013-2222084 and the Summerfield's products will be send to their home. If you live nearby the area you can make direct purchase with the number but if you live in other area like me can buy it at Shopee : or any supermarket like Aeon, Giant, MYDIN and etc.

For more information can visit :

Hotline: 011-70244164

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  1. This is a good charity program by Summerfield. Our front liners need support too. Keep it up.

  2. Good job Summerfield. I want more companies to come up and give back to our frontliners.

  3. Bagusnya Summerfield. Hope dapat menceriakan team PPV Bagan Serai. Btw pernah nampak jenama ni di pasaraya tapi tak pernah beli lagi. Lepas ni nak beli la 🤗

  4. bagus ni.. atas usaha kita berterima kasih kepafa frontliner..usaha yg baik

  5. Tahniah Summerfield untuk inisiatif murni ni. Sekarang dah ada Summerfield UHT lagi mudah nak slurp slurp. Ruby selalu beli botol besar sebab anak-anak makan ngan cereal. Hehe

  6. Tahniah Summerfield! Moga inisiatif macam ni berterusan. Lepas ni nak cubalah Summerfiled UHT pula

  7. alhamdulilah, bagus macam ni, sama-sama kongsi rezeki kan dengan orang lain PPV. tahniah dan keep it up

  8. Alhamdulillah tahniah Summerfields , nanti kalau jumpa dekat mana2 pasaraya atau orang jugl saya akan beli juga sebagai tanda terima kasih dan juga sokongan kepada BMF.

  9. Good job Summerfield for the kindness inisiative to help all the frontliners.

    My hat off to all the frontliners wherever they are. They r truly our hero to fight these deadly virus. I hope we all stay safe.

  10. Interesting ya! So far tak pernah try lagi brand ni.. good initiative from them, simple yet encouraging for our frontliners.. a sign of appreciation and make them feel appreciated too.. (Y)

  11. Owh susu ini hanya diedarkan di bahagian utara je yea.. bagus usaha yg dilakukan.. miga lebih banyak syarikat tampil utk buat Csr di waktu pandemik ini

  12. I want this milk. where i can get it? in Putrajaya plsss

  13. Baru tau pasal produk ni. produk baru ke? kenapa taktahuuu haha mcm keluar gua rasanya huhu.