Treat Your Skin From Within With Crystal Skin.

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Treat Your Skin From Within With Crystal Skin. | Who love watching Korean Movies must be familiar with Korean skin that is flawless and glowing right? I always admired their beautiful skin and wanted to have the beautiful skin too.

Is not easy to achieve the glowing skin at the age 30's with a simple skincare routine right? You might need to went to laser treatment for a glowing skin, but what if I said that you can achieve it without a big cost? Recently, I have been introduced with a product that is trusted to help you to achieve a glowing crystal skin from within.

Behind the Crystal Skin

Hence, let me introduce you with Crystal Skin, a supplement made from natural ingredients full of nutrients so that you can look more attractive. Crystal Skin is proven to beautify and treat your skin from the outside and inside so that you can be more healthier, charming and confident. It is a local product from Malaysian.

The founder, Airiey Sayuti believes that looking elegant is very important for a person to feel good but will feel more confident and energetic. During adolescence Airiey was overweight and he had a dark skin tone and a lot of acne however he often felt inferior, shy, a shy & quiet person and was often ridiculed for being fat and acne prone and dark skin. Although he has tried various skincare from the local products and popular skincare brands, consume health supplements in capsule or even powder form and also not forgetting living in a healthy lifestyle with exercise, he was disappointed that the results were slow and not as effective as he wanted. As a result Airiey was inspired to produce a product that is truly proven to work effectively and safely for the consumer. Then there is Crystal Skin.

Crystal Skin are made with AAA grade ingredients, factory with a Halal status and also have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO 22000 accreditation. This product has been tested clinically and it is safe and has no side effects because the content is natural. These ingredients are also known for their nutritional value and are regulated under food grade by the Food Safety and Quality Division under the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

Main Ingredients of Crystal Skin ; 

  • Tomato Crystal-The strongest anti-oxidant, less freckles & protects from sun damage 
  • Black Seed-Anti-inflammatory, reduces acne & kills germs 
  • Vitamin C - Protects cells & keeps skin healthy Collagen - Increases skin elasticity & prevents wrinkles 
  • Grape Seed Extract - Anti -oxidant, kills germs & helps wound healing 
  • Blackcurrant Juice - Anti -oxidant & strengthens the body's defense system

Benefits of Crystal Skin.

Crystal Skin have been known to helps their consumer for treating their skin problems,to reduces acne, to reduces scar, to shrink pores, to whitens the skin, to reduces oily skin, to make skin less dull and glowing and to add moisturiser to skin.

How to Take Crystal Skin 

To ensure the best results when taking Crystal Skin consumer are suggested to avoid caffeinated, alcoholic and carbonated beverages for better effectiveness. Do drink 2 -3 liters of white water every day to speed up the process of the effectiveness of Crystal Skin and practice a healthy lifestyle such as not smoking, taking care of nutrition, reducing oily foods and exercise regularly.

Crystal Skin are best to drink by 1 sachet of Crystal Skin mixed with 150ml of water before breakfast. 

Crystal Skin Price

Good news to everyone who wanted to try Crystal Skin, they having a promo right now. You can buy Crystal Skin with so many discount as at :

1 Box Offer Price RM69 Regular Price RM89 (23%DISCOUNT) 
2 Boxes Offer Price RM132 Regular Price RM178 (26%DISCOUNT) 
3 Boxes Offer Price RM187 Regular Price RM267 (30%DISCOUNT) 
4 Boxes Offer Price RM230 Regular Price RM356 (35%DISCOUNT) 

And good news to all consumer, with any purchase you are in a run to win an iphone from Crystal Skin draw!

Crystal Skin can be purchased from: 

If you wanted a glowing skin, do try it out because it really worth it and of course don't stop at one box! Do consume it continously and don't forget to watch out your diet to ensure the effectiveness okay!

For more information visit :

Tel: +60-11-62000032 

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  1. Amboiiii lepas ni cun la kulit muka tu. Actually tomato ni memang beri manfaat pada keseriaan kulit muka kita....habbatussauda pun banyak manfaatnya.

  2. Memang banyak kebaikan tomato untuk kesihatan dan kecantikan. Terasa wajah lebih berseri lepas gunakannya nanti

  3. I love Crystal Skin as it helps my skin to stay moist now. I hope I can get better skin soon too.

  4. semua orang pun nak crystal skin, boleh try produk ni nanti, moga2 kulit ni lebih cantik dan sihat

  5. Patut lah makin cantik and glowing sekarang ni. ini rahsianya rupanya.iena pun amalkan crystal ni. memang best

  6. first time tau pasla produk ni. ada nampak jugak ramai share pasal crystal skin ni, bolehlah nnti saya cuba pulak :)

  7. suka dengan produk ni.. sebab rasanya sedap..dan formulasinya memang bagus serta terbaik

  8. Good to know about this product. Been reading some reviews lately.

  9. Selalu kalau tengok produk, mesti nak tengok founder. Hehehehe. Bukannya apa, sebab dr founder turun ke hati pembeli. Isi kandungan produk semua best. Ada makanan sunnah lagi. Nanti nak cari lah. Tq akak share.

  10. Nice ya tengok ramai yang share good feedback about this product.. macam boleh try jer banyak khasiat and manfaatnya.. (Y) boleh enjoy discount up to 35% lak tue bila get in bulk.. extra jimat...

  11. wow bestnya sy pn nk crystal skin hehe. kena beli dan cuba ni. thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  12. Kalau tambah ais boleh tak ? nampak sedap pulak minum Crystal Skin nih. Tengok ramai kawan2 dah ambik juga .

  13. Wah kandungan Crystal skin rish beauty ini kaya akan antioksidan ya. Ada tomat, black seed, vitamin C dan lain-lain. Tapi saya takut-takut minum inilah, saya mending pilih juice natural saja. hehe

  14. This is my first time visit to your blog and I am very interested in the articles that you serve. Provide enough knowledge for me. Thank you for sharing useful and don't forget, keep sharing useful info:

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