Pandemic 2021: RichWorks Committed to Helping 605,000 Entrepreneurs Rise Again.

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Pandemic 2021: RichWorks Committed to Helping 605,000 Entrepreneurs Rise Again. | The Pandemic Year of 2021 was challenging to many, especially the entrepreneur. My husband and I were also affected by the pandemic and we end up closing our food business, now my husband going back working with a restaurant to avoid more risk and loss in the future.

We were also affected by Covid-19 last year and not only affected by it but it also affected many and took many lives last year. It was a challenging year until the big flood also affected the end of 2021, and of the company affected by the flood that time includes RichWorks International Sdn.Bhd

Richworks Journey in 2021

dr.azizan osman,

RichWorks International Sdn.Bhd is the largest and most successful entrepreneurship coaching and training company in Malaysia especially in terms of branding & marketing as well as leadership. Since 2008, RichWorks has trained more than 10,000 companies through Master Coach Azizan Osman and attracted more than 1,500,000 participants in more than 1,500 live and virtual online events and seminars.

richworks banjir 2021,
flood 2021

What happened in 2021, was also experienced by them, thus they understand the feelings experienced by many people out there including the entrepreneurial race when the Founder of RichWorks International Sdn. Bhd. (RichWorks), Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman along with 31 members of his family were infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Azizan's mother-in-law died and he himself almost died after doctors said there was no hope if there was no positive change after being inserted into a breathing machine. Alhamdulillah, his condition is getting better and for Dr. Azizan, the second chance given by Allah SWT will be used to give more to the entrepreneurs, especially in his guidance.

The Second Chance Who Changed Many

dr.azizan osman,

Shortly after he was discharged from the hospital and was in the process of recovery, Dr. Azizan committed to running a free program attended by thousands of people. A total of 7 free programs equivalent to 98 hours of time that he gave to provide guidance and strength to the public in matters of entrepreneurship. I also have a chance to attend the free programs last year, trying to figure out our business method. 

Anyway, in total last year, RichWorks was able to help nearly 605,000 people through 13 entrepreneurship programs fully sponsored by RichWorks last year.

wanita bangkit berniaga,

In fact, one of their programs, Wanita Bangkit Berniaga (WBB), also received government recognition when it was mentioned in the Dewan Rakyat as a collaboration partner of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

Meanwhile, RichWorks Chief Business Officer, Radz Mohd. told, his party is not left behind in giving back to the community through the RichWell Charitable Organization (RichWell).

RichWorks Chief Business Officer Radz Mohd,
RichWorks Chief Business Officer, Radz Mohd


"The #RichWellBantu campaign launched by Dr. Azizan starting in July last year, managed to raise RM501,497 to help more than 2,000 families.

"Not stopping there, a quick donation of RM500,000 was collected from our entrepreneurs and RichWorks itself in 24 hours for flood victims in Selangor on December 18 last year," he said.


bantuan banjir richworks,

According to Radz, RichWorks together with Titanium & Spire members also contributed 762 goats and 84 camels worth RM824,160 in the Qurban this time.

Apart from that, Titanium members and RichWorks students also sponsored 9 students to Tarim Yemen with a contribution of RM180,000 in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul.

RichWorks Mentoring Participants Achievement 2021

nona superhero award 2021,
NONA Superhero Award 2021

Meanwhile, the most successful entrepreneur development guidance and training companies in the country continue their mission in developing and expanding entrepreneurs to a higher level.

Alhamdulillah, last year, the total number of RichWorks mentoring participants, namely Titanium, Spire, and EliteX, amounted to 1,855 people with accumulated sales of RM3.7 billion.

For Titanium members alone, a total of 312 entrepreneurs managed to generate RM3.2 billion, RM495 million (519 Spire members) and RM46.9 million (1,024 EliteX members). Such an inspiring number right?

Through our Spire mentoring program which provides entrepreneurs with the first RM1 million in sales a year, a total of 72 entrepreneurs have achieved it.

Not only that, 77 businesses under the guidance of RichWorks achieved sales of over RM10 million, five businesses (RM50 million and above), and five businesses (RM100 million and above) in 2021.

Thanks to the successes and tests faced in 2021, that is a little bit of the RichWorks journey that we have worked on and will be intensified again this new year, God willing.

The story of Richworks journey can be seen through this YouTube video, and the video gives so much inspiration to everyone who watches it.

Want to Be Successful? Seek Helps with a MenThor.

This year, Richworks will continue to help more people and entrepreneur to be more successful in their business. Maybe you want to achieve your first million, you need a good MenThor and great group support to achieve it. Seek out for the best, and here in Malaysia, RichWorks have proven their success for many years.

I guess, it is you that have to make the choice by joining their program. Success who come to whom who seek it right?

On top of it, may the efforts of RichWorks to help more entrepreneurs and its mission be facilitated and blessed by Allah SWT. 

To a successful 2022 everyone.

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