Salawat Tafrijiyah and It Benefits in Life.

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Salawat Tafrijiyah and It Benefits in Life. | Jummaah Friday everyone, I remember during my confinement last 2 years, the MCO suddenly began and many were shocked with the news. Many begin to work from home and the mosque was closed, many begin to do live on Facebook to interact with their fans and community.

The first time I heard Salawat Tafrijiyah or Nariyah was that time, my mom join the FB Live with Halaqah Selangor group. It was a good morning session with the Salawat and also Mathurat recitation. It makes you calm and my daughter also loves to recite this salawat.

Selawat Tafrijiyah,

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Selawat Tafrijiyah and It Benefits in Life,


Selawat Tafrijiyah and It Benefits in Life,

"O Allah! Pour perfect mercy and give perfect prosperity to our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW who is the reason for the release of something that is still deadlocked and open narrowness and he came to all desires and obtained all the gifts and Husnul Khatimah (perfect end of his life) and revealed rain clouds because of his majesty. (And bestow mercy and peace) on his family and companions in every blink of an eye and breath with the number of all that is known by You, O Substance who rules the whole universe "

Fadhilat Selawat Tafrijiyah

Among the benefits of this Salawat practitioner:-

1. God will remove the sorrow, difficulty and danger that befell him.
2. Allah will make all the affairs of his life easier.
3. Emitted nur (light) in his heart also elevated his dignity.
4. His voice is heard and his views and opinions are accepted by many
5. He is protected from all disasters and calamities.
6. He is always loved by everyone.
7. Everything that is desired will be granted by Allah.
8. Reduced sustenance, kept away from hunger and poverty.

Imam ad-Dainuri r.a.

11 x - every time the obligatory prayers are completed, blessed with sustenance, promoted and promised husnul khatimah.
41 x - every night in istiqamah all desires will be achieved.
100 x- each after a few nights of Hajj prayers- problem solving.
313x - every day, knowing the secret of the unseen or something desired.
1000x-all ambitions are achieved and the desired secrets are revealed.

Imam Qurtubi r.a.

41 x / 100x - Allah removes all his sorrows and hardships, simplifies all affairs, raises his dignity and rank, increases his haibah, expands his sustenance and opens the door to virtue.

Imam Sayyidi Muhammad Khafi r.a.

Read 4444 x over a period of 7 days 8 nights, then followed by the prayer of Selawat Nariyahh; Insya Allah, the wish is achieved well and perfectly.

When it is read 3 times after completing the obligatory prayers, then the reward is the same as the hajj mabrur/hajj which is acceptable.

Among the advantages of salawat are:

1. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Whoever prays over me once, Allah will send mercy on him 10 times - (Hadith narrated by Muslim.)

2. Allah will remove small sins by us practicing Salawat 11 times each time we finish performing the obligatory prayers.

3. Mates are determined by God. Practicing selawat 100 times a day, God willing, it will be easier to meet a mate, whether male or female.

4. Every disease has a cure. Read selawat 7 times on water and drink. Insya Allah, a sore or twisted stomach will heal.

5. Anyone who recites Salawat 3 times after 5 hours of prayer will be relieved of the deadlock in the face of any problem.

6. Practice reciting Salawat as many as 1000 times a day, God willing, you will be endowed with the wisdom of thought. In addition, strive to explore a variety of knowledge.

7. Anyone who practices salawat 11 times every day, with the permission of Allah himself will be more respected and appreciated by others.

8. According to Sayyid Ahmad Dahlan, anyone who prays even once on Friday night, the moment of his death will be made easier by Allah as faced by the prophets.

9. Anyone who prays 41 times a day, God willing, will be spared from reprehensible traits such as jealousy and so on in him.

10. Whoever practices salawat 1000 times on Friday night, God willing, will have happiness either in this world or in the hereafter.

11. Practice selawat 11 times each timei finished the obligatory prayers because Allah will beautify his morals to be more liked among others.

12. Praying 33 times a day can clear the heart, easy to understand the knowledge that is taught, in addition to gaining peace of mind.

13. Whoever prays salawat no matter how much he counts every day will be blessed in anything provided he strives to seek His pleasure.

14. The practice of salawat as much as possible every day guarantees the safety of life and God's help, especially when we face difficulties in life.

15. According to Syibab Ahmad, whoever prays salawat 3 times after completing the Subuh, Maghrib & Isyak prayers, Allah will protect him from any disaster.

16. Whoever practices salawat 1000 times every day, Allah will protect him from any enemy threat and the danger of slander.

17. The practice of salawat regularly every day is able to clear the turbidity of the soul, God makes everything easier and gets forgiveness from Him.

18. According to As-Shawi, whoever recites salawat regularly, his heart will be protected from the interference and deception of the devil who neglects.

19. Reading salawat 10 times every morning and evening will gain pleasure and keep away from getting the wrath of Allah.

20. Anyone who recites salawat 7 times for 7 consecutive Fridays, will get intercession (help) from the Prophet SAW.

21. According to Al-Hafiz Dimyati, anyone who wishes to meet the Prophet SAW in his dream then practice reciting salawat 70 times a day.

22. There is a narration that states that the practice of salawat 80 times each after the Asr prayer on Friday, God willing, a person's minor sins will be removed.

23. Whoever practices salawat on a daily basis, Allah will open the door of unexpected blessings and sustenance for him.

24. The restless soul can be calmed with remembrance, including praying as often as possible because God is the Extensive of His mercy.

25. Scholars are of the opinion that anyone who practices salawat every day no matter how many counts, God willing, will be spared from cholera and other dangerous diseases.

26. Reading salawat 1000 times after the wish prayer of 2 rak'ahs is able to eliminate anxiety, sadness, and Allah will grant his wish.

27. According to the scholars, whoever wants the time of his death in a good ending, then pray as many as 10 times after each Maghrib prayer.

28. The scholars are of the opinion that Allah will fulfill good intentions by always praying 40 to 100 times every day, followed by continuous effort.

29. The words of the Prophet SAW: Whoever prays to me 100 times on Friday, then he will come on the Day of Judgment with a radiant state - Hadith Narrated by Abu Naim.

30. The words of the Prophet SAW: Whoever prays to me 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening every day, he will receive my intercession on the Day of Judgment - Hadith Narrated by Thabrani

Hence, this blessing Jumaat let's recite more zikr and don't forget Al-Kahfi and send some sadaqah.

Have a blessing Friday everyone.

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