NSK Grocer at Quill City Mall is Now Open!

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NSK Grocer at Quill City Mall is Now Open! | NSK Trade City is one of my favorite places to buy fresh groceries, especially seafood and vegetables. I remember, the first NSK Trade City was in Selayang and it was the main hypermarket where all people love to buy fresh seafood, meat, and poultry.

During me and my husband have our small business, NSK Trade City was our favorite place to buy all the groceries or even the takeaway box, or anything about the food business. They provided everything at an affordable price to all the entrepreneurs, or even to families.

NSK Grocer,

NSK Grocer, Quill City Mall Grand Launching Day. 

This 2022, they move in another level I guess when they open the NSK Grocer in Quill City Mall recently. The place is more comfortable and exclusive to all shoppers. During the Grand Launching Day that happened on 8th January 2022, NSK Grocer gives out many great promotions to their customers.

The queue was very long up that morning and people even went to line up before 7am to be the first 100 customers. Guess what the first 100 customers will receive an RM100 voucher to shop at NSK Grocer and on top of that, the first 1000 customers will receive FREE Orange Mandarin from Quill City Mall too. I managed to be one of the first 1000 shoppers that day when I arrived at 8.30am that day.

Queue during the Grand Launching Day.

FREE NSK Grocer Membership.

From now until 16 January 2022, you can register for a N-CARD Privilege worth RM 10 for a year for FREE! Do not miss this opportunity! Because there are many benefits as a member such as member-exclusive pricing and accumulation of reward points. You can redeem later when NSK does promotions for N-CARD members.

NSK Grocer Privilege's card,
shoppers that day who took the opportunity to be NSK Grocer Privileges'

NSK Grocer Privilege's card,
NSK Grocer Privilege's card, 

Do take note that the NSK Trade City Membership is different from this NSK Grocer card, so do take the opportunity to apply the NSK Grocer Card for FREE before 16 Jan 2022 okay!

Mr Justin Liew, Senior Vice President of Quill City Mall Retails Sdn Bhd said; “We are honored to have NSK Grocer’s first branch as part of the Quill City Mall family, and we are honored to bring a unique and enjoyable shopping experience to today’s modern shoppers.

As one of the leading shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur City Center, we always strive to create an exciting and comfortable shopping experience for our shoppers where they can find their daily necessities in one place. Making it an ideal shopping destination for all.

We are confident that NSK Grocer has strong potential and credibility to meet the needs of the public in Kuala Lumpur and throughout the Klang Valley, ”said Justin at the NSK Grocer Official Opening Ceremony.


NSK Grocer promotions,
trade section

Mr Loh Teck Wah, Director of NSK Grocer stressed that; “Quill City Mall is an ideal location to open its first new branch. It is an example of a strategic location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with varying customers crossing the mall every day, especially office workers, young families, local businessmen and university students in the surrounding area.

NSK Grocer is set to market premium quality products at very affordable prices. This latest innovative concept caters to the needs of every lifestyle, and we believe the opening of NSK Grocer at Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur will bring a relaxed shopping experience as well as a positive impact to the public.

Especially for those who live or work in the city center who are always on the go and need a quick go to the grocery store for their daily needs.

NSK Grocer prides itself on always offering quality products at competitive prices. Featuring the largest share of fresh produce, NSK Grocer allows shoppers to have a wide selection of fresh and cost-effective products to choose from.

NSK is committed to always providing fresh produce by working closely with all our major suppliers, ensuring only the best for our customers, ”added Teck Wah.

NSK Grocer promotions,
RM1 Maggi

NSK Grocer really does differ from the normal NSK Trade City where it is more comfortable but still remains affordable here. During the Grand Launching, they have so many great promotions where you can get Maggi Noodles, Milo, Face Mask, Sanitizer for RM1. I grab it all and of course, there is a lot of other promotion you don't want to miss in conjunction with these Opening Days.

NSK Grocer promotions,

Housewives like me do love cooking and of course, my observation and pictures are mostly in the fresh foods area. The onion is really cheap here and you can get it from RM0.99 per kilo depending on the variant. But I bought the one packed with Karashi Onion yesterday for only RM3.49 per bag. It is so affordable and the onion is good. 

NSK Grocer promotions,

If you love fruits, here in NSK Grocer you can have many choices of fruit here from the local to imported fruit. And you can choose from the different origins of the fruits here.

NSK Grocer promotions,

NSK Grocer promotions,

The seafood area is to die for because you bought so many types of fresh seafood here from the cheapest prawn or even the lobster. They also live fish, prawns, and clams here and my kids love to see live fish and learn about them here. hehe

NSK Grocer promotions,

NSK Grocer promotions,

NSK Grocer promotions,

The meat and poultry area also sells different types of chicken, from spring chicken, whole chicken, or even the old chicken. Yesterday the chicken sells at an affordable price and you can have the cutting service here with no limits. It is so convenience to shop here right?

NSK Grocer chicken price,

And yes, so glad that I get my FREE Lokam that day! And you still get RM10 voucher and FREE Membership if you go to NSK Grocer at Quill City Mall before 16 January 2022. Of course there are many other promotions are waiting for you to grab too.

Furthermore, you can get FREE Parking when you spend RM100 at Quill City Mall and the parking system is so cool too! 

Free Lokam Quill City Mall,

Visit NSK Grocer at LG-19-21 Lower Ground Floor at Quill City Mall KL today and enjoy your shopping from 9am to 11pm daily.

For more information, visit Quill City Mall KL website at https://www.quillcitymall.com.my/

NSK Grocer Website - https://www.nskonline.com.my/

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