FREE NIO Case with Sudio NIO Purchase Today!

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FREE NIO Case with Sudio NIO Purchase Today! |  Hej, If you the music lover I guess you already familiar with the brand Sudio. Sudio a product from Sweden never fails to amazed with their product. Their NIO ear phone now is my most favorite earphone today and I kept argue with my husband who kept stole it from me. Hihi

The most love Sudio NIO comes in many different colors and mine is army color. All the accessories also comes in navy color and thats why this precious is well kept in a box. But then, it is a good news when Sudio produce NIO Case for this Sudio NIO recently.

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Vegan Friendly NIOCASE.

NIO Case comes in black leather that is made from Apple Skin Leather. For your information, Sudio is a brand that a high concern about the sustainable campaign. In fact, everyone should had the responsibility towards the sustainability. The world we living in is getting old and we should take care of it and support all the great program and campaign for it.

Just like buying a product from Sudio is also one of the initiative to support sustainability campaign and just like Sudio NIO Cass that is made from Apple Leather Skin. Never cross in my mind that apple skin can turn into a great product. The vegan leather around the Sudio Nio case is created from apple peels from an orchard in northern Italy. Instead of being discarded, they’ve been reclaimed for a higher purpose. This vegan product is approve by USDA and also VEGAN itself.


Because we know you care about the planet just as much as we do. As early adopters of naturally-derived apple skin leather, Sudio is committed to reducing its carbon footprint on the planet. With your help, we can continue to create good things for you and the environment.

This NIOCASE is soft and really make your NIO safe from any unwanted scratch when you put in a bag. NIOCASE automatically make your NIO smart and stylo, and I guess people will be looking at you if you show it in the public. Even though, Sudio NIO is waterproof, you still need the leather case to protect it right and guess what this case is Sweatproof! 

15% off code: SHAMIERA

Special Promotion to all readers, you can get Sudio NIO for only MYR 272 with discount code NIOCASE , FREE vegan friendly NIO Case (value of MYR 119) for NIO purchase from 17 May - 24th May 2021. FREE delivery within Malaysia and Worldwide + 3 years warranty with Sudio Sphere.

UPDATED : 50% discount of NIO Case (vegan apple leather) for any purchase with Sudio NIO upon check out, starting on 25 May 2021. Of course, with an additional 15% with my discount code SHAMIERA.

Act fast before the promos its runs out!

P/S : Sudio Tretton in Pink is so beautiful too!


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