A Day at Pantai Batu Hitam, Kuantan.

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A Day at Pantai Batu Hitam, Kuantan. | Last week, we had a last-minute plan to visit Kuantan where our actual plan was to bring the kids playing at the beach. And we search for homestay and hotels at the beach area are mostly fully booked. Despite the challenge, we still went to Kuantan with a full heart.

My mom already brought some food from Setia Alam that morning, so we decided to picnic at the Batu Hitam area since the area is wide and less crowded compared to Teluk Cempedak. My mom actually wanted to eat at the famous Sotong Celup Tepung in the Batu Hitam area but it's too crowded. So we headed to the area that is less crowded. 

pantai batu Hitam,

sea ba seafood pantai batu hitam,
sea ba seafood pantai batu hitam,

There has an area that is less crowded at Pantai Batu Hitam, and there is only one stall that sells Goreng Pisang and Keropok there. But that area has a toilet and also for the visitor. Then we bring all our picnic gear and food and buy some Goreng Pisang, Keropok,, and drinks from the stall and picnic at the beach. 

Pantai Batu hitam,

We actually wanted to picnic at the beach but of course, kids can't resist the beach and decided to play near the water. After a few pictures, they suddenly fall down in the water and the rest is history. My kids and niece really enjoy their time in the water and even Ghazy enjoy playing with the wave. 

After hours at the beach, we decided to go back and all kids go showered and change at the toilet near the beach. They also provided a shower for people who wanted to take a shower, you just need to pay RM1 per person to use it. After everything was done, we decided to find a homestay but before that, we had a stop at my father's late brother's house first. Al-Fatihah to arwah Adnan Ismail. We miss you a lot. 

Because we can't find any hotel/resorts and even a homestay near to the beach, we decided to stay at an Oyo hotel in the city. And since all kids have their fun time at the beach before this, our mission to Kuantan has already been fulfilled so we don't really need to repeat the beach session again the next morning. But you know swimming at the beach early morning is the best.

That night we decided to visit the Pasar Malam at Stadium Kuantan to buy something to eat that night even though we were quite full after visiting my late uncle's house. I didn't manage to snap any photos since there was heavy rain after a few minutes we step into the Night Market. All food that night was also not so good so nothing good to recommend. HAHA

Nasi Dagang Tanjung Api Kuantan

My kids also sleep soundly that, and that morning we decided to have our breakfast at Tanjung Api. In that area, there is Nasi Minyak that is so famous but too bad the queue was long. So we decided to eat at the food court in the area. We had Nasi Dagang and Laksam also kuih muih. For me, the Nasi Dagang is quite good, but for my mother and sister, they said the Gulai(fish dishes) is quite sweet for them. 

Nasi Dagang Tanjung Api Kuantan
Nasi Dagang for all

Nasi Dagang Tanjung Api Kuantan,
Nasi Dagang Tanjung Api Kuantan

Anyway, the area is quite near to a market, and next time we decided to try Nasi Dagang near the market and we will bring an icebox and buy some fish before we head home. Anyway, that day before we arrive at our house we decided to stop by to Mempaga and eat the Bihun Sup Utara Legend. I love this Bihun Sup since I was a kid and the taste didn't change at all.

Bihun Sup Utara Mempaga Legend,
Bihun Sup Utara Mempaga Legend, 

It was a short trip to Kuantan from Bentong with mak and abah and my sister last weekend since my husband went to Melaka that day. I'm so grateful I still manage to spend my time with my parent this day and I hope my parent will have a long life and good health for another 50 years. Hihi.

Anyway gais, thank you for reading this. Stay safe, a new virus is coming. 😓


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  1. View cantiknya. Makanan pun nampak sedap. Belum singgah lagi ke Pantai Batu Hitam. One dayyyy

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