Wordless Wednesday : I'm with Lugiami

Amirrah Othman
Wordless Wednesday : I'm with Lugiami. | Another day, another venture. So I'm taking another challenge in life and collaborating with Lugiami Entertainment Sdn Bhd, a women e-sports company. I love playing games and maybe if I have enough money just to sit back relax, my everyday will be fulfill with playing games all day long. Haha

My father used to play games until midnight when I'm in high-school, he played Prince of Persia on the computer. I guess the genetic came from there, my sisters and brother also love playing game, and my sister currently addicted to Genshin Impact. And because I'm quite busy nowadays, I only play Pokemon Go during my free time. But MLBB skills still there. Hahaha

Lugiami, women e-sports,

Anyway play games moderately gais!

* on the site note : my daughter have great skills with Gacha Life and her tiktok video went FYP 2 times this months. 

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  1. Like mother like doter tu weiii.. hebat anak ko Miera... Mak kena belajo dengan anak hahahaha

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