Easy and Delicious Recipe of Sambal Cili Api Ikan Bilis and Peria.

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Easy and Delicious Recipe of Sambal Cili Api Ikan Bilis and Peria. | My mom loves to cook this recipe and when I missed her cook, I'll cook the dish myself even though the taste will probably be different. But then what to do, just cook it and indulge. 

This picture was taken during the MCO when the cross stated is still not allowed in Malaysia hence I cook this myself. I hope next week I have the opportunity to go back to my hometown. Missing my home sweet home and of course my mom's cook. Her Sambal Cili Api is very hot and spicy but you can't stop eating it.

sambal cili api dan peria,

Hence, I'll share you the easy and delicious recipe of Sambal Cili Api Ikan Bilis and Peria or known as Anchovies and Bitter gourd cook in Bird Eyes Chillis. 

Ingredients :

A cup of Bird Eyes Chillis
2 nos of onion
5 nos of garlic
A cup of anchovies
250 gm of bitter gourd
salt and msg

peria goreng,
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Method :

1. Slices bitter gourd thinly, and deep-fried in a wok until crispy. 

2. Deep-fried anchovies.

3. Blend chilies, onion, and garlic with roughly or it can be as your preference. I prefer the chilies and onion in rough range.

4. In a wok (you can use the same oil), add about a half cup of oil and cook the chilies mixture.

fried anchovies,

5. Cook the mixture until well done and season it with salt and msg. I don't like my sambal cili api sweet, so I didn't add any sugar to it. But if you prefer it to be sweet just add 1 tbsp of sugar.

6. Turn off the fire and let the sambal cool down, then you can mix the anchovies and bitter gourd in the sambal. This method can help your anchovies and bitter gourd stay crispy.

And it's done! It's so easy and delicious to eat with hot plain rice and also can be eaten with bread. My brother can eat it just like that about a bowl of it. Prepare to go to the toilet if you eat it too much gais.

Anyway, happy cooking, and do give me your feedback if you have tried my recipe!


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  1. jarang makan peria..tp tgk ni mcm sedap je..boleh try nanti

  2. peria buat sambal menjerit kepedasan campur pahit tak kak? hahahaha. nak cuba lah nanti. hehehe.

  3. Nk keluar ni kang nak belilah peria, memang sedap, lagi kalau pahit lagi sedap...

  4. uiks sedap ni..nak buat jugaklah hahaha

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