5 Top Reasons Why You Should Experience Penang Today.

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5 Top Reasons Why You Should Experience Penang Today. | School holiday has started and what do you plan to do this holiday? This holiday many will take the opportunity to go out and spend time with their family and since the Covid-19 cases are not that bad anymore and we are fully vaccinated. Why not go 'Jalan-Jalan cari Makan' with your family and loved ones right?

If you don't know where to go, I suggest you go to one of the best destinations in Malaysia that is Penang. Penang is really famous with their signature street food and also their street art. But did you know that Penang has more than that to offer their visitor?

Hence, The Penang State Tourism today launches its “Experience Penang” campaign at The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur to promote the state as a destination of choice and to spur its tourism industry as more people are vaccinated, restrictions are lifted, and travel resumes in the country. Penang State EXCO for Tourism and Creative Economy (PETACE) YB Yeoh Soon Hin, who also heads the Penang State Tourism, presides over the launching ceremony together with Mr. Ooi Chok Yan, CEO of Penang Global Tourism.  

The “Experience Penang” campaign aims to drive domestic and international visitors to its shores with endless enriching experiences and features locations across the island and mainland that are bound to satisfy one and all. The adverts for this campaign remind visitors of the state's incredible attractions, which includes :  

1. Two UNESCO-designated sites

Penang Hill UNESCO Biosphere Reserve,
Penang Hill UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

Your trip to Penang is incomplete without visiting two UNESCO-designated sites. Penang is the only one in the peninsular to boast two UNESCO sites; the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site and the newly recognized Penang Hill UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site
George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site

Best of all, due to the close proximity of the city center to the hills, one can enjoy a morning hike through the ancient rainforest of Penang Hill and spend the rest of the day soaking in the old-world charm of George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Quirky street art legendary street food

Man on a Motorbike

Penang Street Art is one of the famous attraction why people want to visit Penang. Began in 2012 when the Penang Municipal Council hired a young Lithuanian to make the rusty walls a canvas of reflection inspired by the locals,  Earnest Zacharevic, and other equal artists poured their soul into the brushes and brought the street to life. You need all day to discover the Street Art and of course, it will be worth it since you will have food along the street too.

Penang street food is also one of the famous attractions in Penang and I remember last time I went to Penang and have the food must-eat list in Penang. It is including Nasi Kandar, Asam Laksa, Char Kuew Tiow, Chendol, Mee Goreng Sotong and also Jeruk Pak Li.The authentic food in Penang is definitely different from what we have in other places.

Penang Asam Laksa

3. Diversity Heritage

Baba Nyonya heritage,
Baba Nyonya heritage

Diversity in Malaysia can be seen well enough in Penang where we can find much heritage towards the multi-cultural places. Penang feels like many cities in one. If you walk into Little India you will get a strong sense of being in a crowded market street of Chennai, take a stroll around George Town and you will wonder if you are in another decade and if you visit Batu Ferringhi you might accidentally think you landed on one of Thailand’s beach towns.

Rich in culture and diversity, learn about the Baba Nyonya culture by visiting their heritage places or take a stroll down Harmony Street where you can find three places of worship that is the Kapitan Keling Mosque, the Hindu Sri Mahamariamman Temple and the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy Temple.

Kapitan Keling Mosque
Kapitan Keling Mosque

Khoo Kongsi
Khoo Kongsi

Khoo Kongsi is one of GeorgeTown’s most interesting attractions. Built some 650 years ago, it is part of the Goh Tai She (five big clans) that formed the backbone of the Hokkien community in olden-days Penang. One of Penang’s most lavishly decorated clanhouses, it is located on Canon Square, George Town. This place is open for visitors and will be great to be experienced if you love to learn about the culture.

4. Diverse natural landscapes of hills and beaches

On top of that, the visitor is also encouraged to discover the state's equally amazing hidden holiday gems on the island and Seberang Perai. Furthermore, brochures on the 'Other Side of the Island, Teluk Bahang and Balik Pulau' and 'Opposite Side of the Island, Seberang Perai' are also launched alongside the campaign to help visitors to experience everything the state has to offer. 

Seberang Perai

frog hill penang,
Frog Hill

There are also plenty of hidden gems to discover in Seberang Perai, namely the Butterworth Art Walk, Pulau Aman, Taman Rimba Bukit Mertajam, Frog Hill, and Kampong Agong. Visitors can walk down the small alley in Jalan Bagan Luar known as Butterworth Art Walk. The eye-catching murals and installations serve as colorful backdrops for photo ops while educating visitors about the mainland's agricultural economy and history. 

Meanwhile, the outlying islet of Pulau Aman offers visitors serenity and splendid vistas, thanks to its colorful fishing boats, historical sites, beautiful beaches, and vast offerings of seafood dishes. Other than that, there are also interesting activities for the adventurous such as kayaking, fishing, jungle trekking, camping, and more in Pulau Aman. Visitors can also make their way to Taman Rimba Bukit Mertajam, which is famed for a giant Mengkundur tree estimated to be over 80 years old. The tree is so big at its buttress roots it needs about 20 people joining hands to encircle around it. 

Kampung Agong
Kampung Agong

Those who enjoy taking Instagram-worthy photos must make a stop at Kampung Agong in Penaga. Located in Bakar Kapur in Penaga, the countryside theme park's coconut trees, paddy fields, traditional wooden houses, and Instagram-ready piano, swings, and giant nests have been setting social media ablaze since 2018, making it worth the hour's drive from Penang Island. Meanwhile, Frog Hill (also known as Bukit Katak) is a favorite spot for naturalists and avid shutterbugs and is dubbed as Penang's answer to China's well-known Jiuzhaigou. Located just a short drive away from Kampung Agong, Frog Hill promises visitors dramatic views of turquoise-colored pools and the occasional sightings of wild water buffaloes wallowing in the water.

Teluk Bahang

Teluk Bahang - Escape + Entopia
Teluk Bahang - ESCAPE Theme Park + Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

Teluk Bahang stands out as a unique playground for naturalists and adventure junkies. Teluk Bahang’s forest is home to a string of modern ecotourism attractions such as Boulder Valley Glamping, Tropical Spice Garden, ESCAPE Theme Park, and Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm. Without sacrificing modern comforts, those looking to go off the grid can do so at Boulder Valley Glamping, a luxurious paradise nestled within the Teluk Bahang rainforest. 

The glamping spot offers luxurious accommodations with ensuite bathrooms and a priceless opportunity to wake up to the sounds of chirping birds or to snuggle up under the stars by the campfire at night. Visitors can also spice up a nature-filled itinerary at Tropical Spice Garden, where they can stroll under towering nutmeg trees and relax by scenic ponds with floating water lilies and swimming koi fishes. 

Balik Pulau

Kampung Terang Balik Pulau - Container Art
Kampung Terang Balik Pulau - Container Art

The charming countryside of Balik Pulau packs an assortment of treasures for nature lovers, from remote beaches to traditional kampung houses, plantations, fishing villages, animal farms, and paddy fields. Visitors can look forward to enjoying a scenic ride through Balik Pulau's tranquil rural landscape on bicycles and discover the village's folk industries, farms, plantations, and beaches at their own pace.

5. 7 World Wonders of Penang

Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm
Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

Those who are on a mission to check two man-made marvels off their “7 World Wonders of Penang” bucket list can head over to ESCAPE Theme Park and Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm. The world's longest water slide with a Guinness World Records title at ESCAPE Theme Park promises a thrilling four-minute joyride that zigzags through natural forest and tree canopies and stretches a whopping 1,111 meters long. 

Meanwhile, the world's first tropical butterfly and insect sanctuary — Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm — is where some 15,000 free-flying butterflies flutter and fly! Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm also has an indoor discovery center featuring two floors of learning exhibits and activities, allowing visitors to self-explore the world of invertebrates through various interactive media stations.

All of these are in line with Penang's aspiration to become a premier, sustainable, and diversified tourism destination as outlined in the Penang Tourism Master Plan and Penang2030 vision to create a variety of quality tourism products across the island and mainland.

beautiful Penang at night

Other than advertisements and brochures, the campaign is bolstered by value-for-money promotions and deals on the campaign's website, penangtraveldeals.com. Visitors can browse attractive deals such as Best Hotel Deals, Best Attraction Deals,  Best Tour Packages, Best Essential Travel Deals, Best Penang Products, Best Takeaway/Delivery Deals, as well as Best Wedding Deals. 

These promotions offer visitors different experiences and substantial savings on accommodations, attractions, and tours. Additionally, the “Experience Penang” campaign is featured on e-commerce platforms such as Klook and Shopee with ongoing promotions until year-end, boasting irresistible travel packages.

YB Yeoh Soon Hin, Penang State EXCO for Tourism and Creative Economy (PETACE)
said, "The "Experience Penang" campaign is an important step for us to take to rebuild tourism by attracting more domestic tourists to visit Penang. Thankfully, visitors are still keen to visit Penang even though the pandemic may have made Malaysians more cautious of crowded places. 

A recent survey by an online travel booking platform revealed that Malaysians are still keen on well-known domestic tourist spots, and Penang is one of the top five most booked destinations. That's because the urban settings of Penang offer all the sights and sounds of contemporary life while maintaining its historical charms.”

“Although Penang remains a popular tourist destination, we must still keep on improving and creating new tourism products for visitors to see and explore so that they can spend more days in Penang. For instance, instead of staying for two days and one night, tourists can choose to stay for three days and two nights – or maybe more – to explore Balik Pulau, Teluk Bahang, and Seberang Perai.” 

“With so many places of interest to discover all over Penang, and coupled with attractive discounts and deals under this campaign, I urge Malaysians to come to discover a nearby world-renowned tourist destination this year-end holiday —  Penang is just a flight or a road trip away.”

The “Experience Penang” advertisements were unveiled yesterday and earlier this morning within KL's city center. The advertisements are featured on the Cosmic Towers LED screen panels at the KL Sentral-NU Sentral junction and the Giant Cube located in front of the Lot 10 shopping center. These locations are chosen based on KL's city center reputation as the main tourist hub in the country and to maximize the campaign's effort in driving domestic and international tourists to Penang. 

“Penang Responsible Tourism” campaign

To assure safer travels to visitors while sustaining the state's efforts to revive Penang’s travel industry, Penang launched the “Penang Responsible Tourism” campaign and the "COVID-19 Safety Accreditation Programme" last year to strengthen preventive measures undertaken by Penang's tourism industry players. These initiatives are the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, aimed to instill confidence in travelers when visiting Penang. 

Visitors must check in and out via MySejahtera and comply with temperature checks, regular sanitization, physical distancing, and double masking while visiting Penang to ensure a safe vacation during their visit to Penang. It is good to hear that the authority also makes regular check-ups to ensure all the SOPs are taken care of. We cannot afford another lockdown due to Covid-19 right?

So do take care of all the SOP during your visit and also I hope that everyone will take care of the environment by not throwing rubbish in the place they do not belong to and also didn't damage any public property. 

Let's visit Penang soon shall we?

About Penang Global Tourism

Set up to promote, market, and generate tourism for the Penang State in Malaysia, Penang Global Tourism is a tourism bureau that coordinates all tourism activities. PGT, as it is affectionately known, works closely with various key tourism industry players locally and abroad.

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