Wordless Wednesday : Everyday Amal Checklist

shamiera osment
Wordless Wednesday: Everyday Amal Checklist. | I stumble upon this picture while browsing Facebook and I thought why not share this with everyone right? It is a checklist of Amal(Good Deed) a Muslim should do to ensure they have a good place at Akhirat.

Cos it said we live at the end of the world era, and it is no time for us to brag with the wealth that we had. Change our lifestyle and let the hereafter more than the world. I hope everyone who reads this will be blessed by Allah and do pray for me too. 

amal checklist, best amal to do everyday, amalan terbaik setiap hari,
credit : Dakwah Sentap

Let's be a good Muslim.


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  1. like it when it says "tak mampu buat semua jangan tinggalkan semua"..
    we do what we can afford doing

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