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KASYARA BAND LAUNCH A NEW ONLINE ALBUM IN MALAYSIA! | Indonesia band always have a place in Malaysian heart and the collaboration between these two country is always in demand. I am also a fan of Indonesian music like Dewa, Peterpan, Padi, Sheila on 7, Agnes Monica, and even Anggun.

Kasyara, a name that inspired from the late daughter of the band member Faizal means presently great. A deep INTEREST in the field of music successfully brought Indonesian professional producer and composer Faizal Andri Lubis to a level he never expected.

Kasyara Band new album,
Kasyara Band launched new album!

Even his involvement with some big names in the Indonesian music industry including Tompi, Glenn Fredly and Radja Band is an experience that money cannot buy.

Even sweeter, Faizal had time with part of Noah's group to replace David once before.

Faizal Kasyara Band,
Faizal-Kasyara Band

And finally, now Faizal is starting a step as a producer by unearthing the talents of young talents in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In the course of his career, Faizal felt lucky when he met a vocalist named Kensen who he described as having vocal quality as good as Aril from Noah Band.

Kensen Kasyara Band,
Kensen Kasyara Band

Even at that point, Kensen began to gain a lot of attention when it went viral due to his mesmerizing vocal quality.

From that moment, Faizal and Kensen began to unite by establishing the Kasyara group in 31st August 2021.

Kasyara has also released several songs in Indonesia that have received encouraging responses from music fans in Indonesia.

Starting to become aware of their work that managed to amaze fans, Kasyara finally decided to spread their wings to Malaysia by featuring a masterpiece from local composer Saari Amri as their latest single.

Kasyara chose the song Gerimis Mengundang, an original song by the famous Slam group in the 90s, as their springboard in Malaysia.

In fact, the strength of Germis Mengundang is a work that was also famous in Indonesia once upon a time as if it gave Kasyara a ray of hope.

Explained Faizal as Kasyara's keyboard player, Gerimis Mengundang their version has been given the latest touch for the adaptation of listeners in 2022.

"When I first sang this version of Gerimis Mengundang, I felt all the memories of my childhood when this song was warmed up.

"In fact, it is a 'memories' that are very necessary in delivering this song that is loaded with emotional lyrics.

"So I sincerely hope not to be involved in a situation compared to the original singer as happened to other singers.

"It is also my hope that Malaysian and Indonesian fans will be able to enjoy Kasyara's song "Drizzly Inviting" layout," he said.

Now Kasyara is launching their first album titled "Diantara dan Lainnya" digitally. "Diantara dan Lainnya" also means; among others or also a symbolic of this band amongst the other bands in industry. 

Kasyara Diantara dan Lainnya album,
Diantara dan Lainnya Album

There are 11 songs in the album includes :
  1. Gerimis Mengundang 
  2. Hanya Sementara
  3. Terbang 
  4. Dunia Pura-Pura 
  5. Cinta Tak Bicara 
  6. Ruang Hati 
  7. Berbargi Langit 
  8. Jangan Katakan Cinta
  9. Hampir Tak Bernafas
  10. Aku dan Kau 
  11. Peace The World

The album "Diantara dan Lainnya" is now on all digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, Joox, iTunes, YouTube music and others.

The Gerimis Mengundang music video is ready to watch on the FABIS INCORPORATION YouTube channel starting July 1, 2022 and has received positive comments from fans.

Kasyara band,
Me with Kasyara Band

Gerimis Mengundang have new vibes in the song and I do like how they freshen the songs again. 
And I hope Kasyara Band will be succeed in the future ahead!

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