WW : Nasi Kerabu Kemira Bypass Kuantan.

shamiera osment
WW : Nasi Kerabu Kemira Bypass Kuantan. | Happy Wednesday everyone and it’s wordless Wednesday time and this time it’s my favourite Rice called Nasi Kerabu and in direct translation Rice To-Wednesday. :p

I’m not a fan of Nasi Kerabu before but since I’m in Diploma I slowly learn how to eat it and surprisingly I do like it especially with the add of Roasted Beef in it. And when I live in Kuantan, this Nasi Kerabu Kemira at Bypass Kuantan is one my favorite ever. It actually on the top of my list for Nasi Kerabu. 

Nasi Kerabu Kemira Jalan Bypass Kuantan,

Have you tried it out and do share with me your favorite Nasi Kerabu place too!


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  1. Meriah betul kan bila makan nasi kerabu. sedap

  2. Perghh sedapnyaa... suka makan nasi kerabu daging bakar.. kalau ayam kureng sikit feel dia..

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