GILA GADGET Semenyih is Now Open With a Cheap Phone Service.

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GILA GADGET Semenyih is Now Open With a Cheap Phone Service. | Who watch the movie UNLOCKED on Netflix recently? Can you imagine your life can be endangered just because of a phone? It's ironic because phones nowadays stores so much data about you.

Hence, when you wanted to repair your phone you need to find a reliable and trusted service center right? Good news to everyone in Semenyih, the trusted GILA GADGET store is now open their new branch in Semenyih.

GILA GADGET Semenyih review,

Gila Gadget Opens New Branch in Semenyih

Fix Your Phone at a Cheap Price at Gila Gadget Semenyih

Gila Gadgets is a Bumiputera-owned company that always focuses on offering quality products, originality, attractive prices, and the best service. Their team consists of technicians who are trained and experienced in repairing hundreds of devices in 15 years.

This 2023, GILA GADGET opens one more new outlet at Semenyih due to customer demands. So congrats to the Semenyih people and everyone nearby, they now can enjoy service at GILA GADGET Semenyih in your area!

Fix Your Phone at a Cheap Price at Gila Gadget Semenyih

Fix Your Phone at a Cheap Price at Gila Gadget Semenyih
Face to face service

Are looking for a mobile phone repair service in your area? GILA GADGETS can help you. They also provide a warranty guarantee after your phone is repaired. 

If your phone has a problem like this 👇

🛠 LCD crack
🛠 inflatable battery
🛠 battery runs out quickly
🛠 charging port damaged?
🛠 scratched and damaged camera?
🛠 bent frame?
🛠 water damage?
🛠 broken speaker?

Gila Gadgets Semenyih

Just bring your phone at GILA GADGET Semenyih. The technicians at Gila Gadgets Semenyih have experience and skills in repairing phones. Customers do not need to worry, this is because the phone repair service is done face-to-face. 

Customers can consult first with the technician about their phone issue and watch the repair process from the beginning to the end. It is more transparent, thus you won't need to worry about your original being stolen or being cheated right?

screen protector at gila gadget sri serdang,

The tools used are also original and of good quality. This is to ensure that customers get the best and are satisfied with the service provided. The most exciting phone service charges here can be said to be very affordable and cheap.

The repair process is also quite fast and only takes 30 minutes. But it depends on the type of damage experienced. Oh yeah! Gila Gadgets Semenyih not only can repair all types of Android phones, but they also have expertise in repairing Apple brand phones as well.

A Variety of Phone Accessories are Offered at Gila Gadgets Semenyih

Gila Gadgets Semenyih

What a phone shop without the accessories right? There are various phone accessories offered under one roof in GILA GADGET Semenyih. Everything is neatly arranged on the shelves and classified by section to make it easier for customers to choose and make purchases.

phone casing gila gadget,

There are phone casings from various types of phone brands and series. The same goes for the designs and patterns of casings that are offered from the simple ones to the innovative ones here.

Gila Gadgets Semenyih

There are also headsets, and earphones with various types, functions, and sizes you can choose here depending on your budget and your style.

Cable phones are among the accessories that are always in high demand. At Gila Gadgets Semenyih there are many types and sizes (short, long, etc.). The favorite and most recommended cable like Mcdodo is also one of the items you should grab here. 

Gila Gadgets Semenyih

Gila Gadgets Semenyih offers affordable prices and a great product range. Most importantly, most phone accessories are available here. So you don't have to go to many stores to purchase my phone accessories and fix my phone. Everything is under one roof.

For the Gila Gadgets Semenyih branch, there are also basic accessories for computers, such as speakers, mouse and others.

It's great to know that Gila Gadgets Semenyih is in the neighborhood. Hence, Semenyih people don't need to go far to repair their beloved phones. And what is most important is their service is fast and trusted. 

And yes, if you happen to be in Semenyih, do drop by at GILA GADGET SEMENYIH at :

NO 8 TINGKAT BAWAH, Jalan Tps 1/4, 
TAMAN PELANGI, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

Operation Hours: 

Open 10am Closes 9 pm

Phone: 019-580 0531

For more information go to :



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