MRFIX Bangi Offered Cheap and Fast Service to Repair Your Phone or Laptop!

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MRFIX Bangi Offered Cheap and Fast Service to Repair Your Phone or Laptop! | Laptop and Handphone are one of the most important gadgets we should have nowadays. When one of these valuable assets is damaged or broken it will be a quite headache for some people.

Repairing a laptop and handphone will involve some cost and some also will face a trust issue when they wanted to repair their beloved belongings. Anyway, this post is dedicated to everyone who lives in Bangi and the surrounding area, I would like to suggest a trusted and reliable and of course cheap phone and laptop service in Bangi known as MRFIX Bangi.

MRFIX Bangi,

MRFIX Bangi; Face-to-Face Repair Service

Last week I happen to be in Bangi and I went to MRFIX Bangi to ask about my niece's phone issue. His screen suddenly blackouts after he drops his phone, and as I walk to the store I saw many people in the store come and go. Thus, I know this shop is trusted and reliable for your sending your phone and laptop.

MRFIX Bangi has been operating for more than 5 years and they even offered home services during the MCO. Kudos to the team who offered great service to the people in Bangi.

MRFIX Bangi,

Ready Stocks Original Spare parts With Warranty, and Low Service Charge!

MRFIX Bangi service,

At MRFIX Bangi, all spare parts items are original. In fact, they have the Authorized Original OEM Parts Malaysia.

Original spare parts are definitely expensive but at MRFIX Bangi, you can ask always ask for a consultation first and it is free, there's no charge for it. Then they will quote the price for you. If you feel ok, then you shall proceed to repair your phone or laptop with them.

MRFIX Bangi service,

Advantages of MRFIX Service

At MRFIX, they can help you repair all types of Smartphones and Laptops from various brands such as Apple, Huawei Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo, Sony and others!
Armed with over 5 years of repair experience, they are confident they can solve your problems.

In summary MRFIX Bangi offered :

If you have a problem with your device, the inspection is free. Yes, it's free!

Every service they offer, and the price offered will definitely make you smile.

Every task they receive will be completed promptly. They know time is their customers' top priority.

The parts they use are genuine. Otherwise, they will inform you if the cost is a customer concern.

Their technicians are all experienced. You don't have to worry because your device is in expert hands.

Every repair will be given a warranty. So you don't have to worry if the damage happens again.

MRFIX Bangi service,

Among the phone damage that can repair are:

  • Damage caused by water
  • Motherboard problem
  • Check and change the battery
  • Phone button damage
  • Change the cracked /broken screen
  • Update software/firmware
  • The charging station is damaged

Service can be done as fast as 30 minutes and will be done in front of you. But for some issue that is more complicated you need to leave your items at the shop to repair.

MRFIX Bangi,

Even though their main service is repairing phones and laptops, they also offered accessories especially cables and chargers to their customer. You can always walk in and buy your wishes cable at MRFIX Bangi and it is surely the original products.

MRFIX Bangi,

If you don't have cash in hand, no worries because they also accept payment via credit card, debit card and Ewallet. Hence, people like me feel more accepted when walking in this shop right?

Last but not least, if your phone has an issue just walk in at MRFIX Bangi, they surely have the solution for your issue.

For More Information :

MRFIX BANGI (Section 7 Bangi) 
No. 50, Jalan 7/7A,
Bangi New Town,
43650 Bangi
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Landmark : JPJ Bangi (3rd Block, Lorong Tengah)

Operation Hours:
Monday-Sunday (Every day) 10.00am-9.00pm


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