Daia Hijab: An Innovative Solution for Sweat Odour Control.

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Daia Hijab: An Innovative Solution for Sweat Odour Control.| Hijabist like me know well a situation where the detergent is not good enough for our Hijab and that can lead to bad odour sometimes. 

And it is important to wash a Hijab with a good detergent to determine the comfort when we wanted to wear it later.

Daia Hijab 

Most Muslim women in Malaysia wear hijabs. Hijabs have also expanded in functionality and style with the arrival of new hijab fashion trends. 

However, Malaysia’s hot and humid climate, coupled with the current heatwave felt across the country causes everyone to sweat a lot, men, women, and children alike. With temperatures reaching up to 35°C in some parts of Malaysia, wearing a hijab can be very challenging. 

As wearing a hijab involves covering the head for a lengthy amount of time, this causes increased humidity in the hair, which leads to the hijab getting stained with sweat residue. Aside from that, since sweat produces an unpleasant odour, it makes hijab users feel uncomfortable, and anxious, often undermining their self-confidence.

As a testament to its commitment to innovation and to meeting the evolving needs of Malaysian consumers, Daia, a leading laundry, and homecare brand introduces Daia Hijab All Day Freshness, an innovative solution that eliminates all odour during the wash and neutralises odour during wear, providing all-day freshness. 

Daia Hijab spokeperson,


Eliza Yanti, Spokesperson, Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd said, 

“The hot weather in Malaysia makes wearing a hijab difficult. When
people sweat, the bacteria from the sweat get trapped in their clothes to create a stink. I am thrilled to announce that the Daia Hijab All Day Freshness, formulated with advanced formulation, delivers high-performance Sweat Odour Control as it eliminates all odour during wash and neutralises odour during wear, making clothes clean and kept fresh all day long. Its fresh and long-lasting scent helps to keep unpleasant odours away, so you can stay active and remain fresh throughout the day”.

“As the leading brand within the premium tier powder detergent brands, we are committed to constantly providing innovative solutions to cater to our consumers’ needs. Expanding our detergent portfolio, we tapped into the hijab detergent category as we noticed the growing demand for a specially formulated detergent that can provide all-day freshness for hijab users and their families,” she added.

Daia Hijab, daia hijab launch,

The Daia Hijab All Day Freshness with an advanced formula with Smart Ion Technology and Sweat Odour Control delivers high-performance cleaning as it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, removes stubborn stains, and eliminates all odours during the wash and neutralises odour during wear, making clothes clean and kept fresh all day long. It is available in Powder and Liquid formats; both are gentle on the hand and suitable for indoor drying.

The new Daia Hijab All Day Freshness was unveiled today in Malaysia by our Malaysian local artist, Lisa Surihani, the Brand Ambassador of Daia range of products.

"Finding a laundry detergent that works well for you and your family's needs can certainly make laundry an easy task. This is exactly what the Daia Hijab All Day Freshness offers. It offers you the convenience of using a single product for both your hijabs and your family's laundry, making it a versatile and practical choice. 

By using Daia Hijab All Day Freshness, I can ensure that not my hijabs but also my family's clothes receive the same high-quality cleaning and freshness. This eliminates the need for separate detergents or concerns about compromising the cleanliness or fragrance of different laundry items. To all the consumers considering Daia as their choice for detergents, my suggestion to them is to look no further. Trust the brand's reputation and track record,” said Lisa Surihani, Brand Ambassador of Daia range of products.

Besides sharing her experience using Daia Hijab All Day Freshness, she also had a meet & greet session to engage with her fans. Love how friendly Lisa is to her fans but so sad I didn't get a chance to meet her in person.  

Daia Hijab Price 

The Daia Smart Hijab All Day Freshness Liquid Detergent retails at a recommended retail price of RM 26.90 for a bottle of 3.8kg while its 1.7kg soft pack retails at RM 11.90

The Daia Hijab All Day Freshness Powder Detergent retails at a recommended retail price of RM 5.95, RM 15.90 and RM 25.50 for its 750g, 2.3kg and 3.8kg respectively. 

These products can be purchased at all leading supermarkets nationwide. Which one is your choice? I love the liquid detergent and I'm an avid user of Daia Smart and now they come up with Daia Hijab, I must say that Daia Hijab will be my first choice after right?

What say you? Don't forget to try check them out!


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