MOU Signing Ceremony between HealthLand and Inner Peace Spa Consultancy & Academy

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MOU Signing Ceremony between HealthLand and Inner Peace Spa Consultancy & Academy. | HealthLand and Inner Peace Spa Consultancy & Academy, two renowned brands in the wellness industry, are delighted to announce a collaborative milestone through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

This partnership signifies a significant achievement for both organisations and heralds the dawn of innovative advancements in healthcare services, poised to redefine the healthcare and wellness landscape.

Inner Peace Spa Consultancy & Academy
, acclaimed as the premier education provider in the Malaysian spa and wellness industry,is committed to fostering an appreciation for Bornean cultures within the wellness and health sector. 

The academy conducts spa and wellness workshops, with a particular emphasis on imparting knowledge to the youth, inspiring them to embark on careers
within the wellness and health industry.

Max Phoo, Head of Innovation of HealthLand
, emphasized the forthcoming 10-year anniversary, a mere 87 days away, as a testament to HealthLand's evolution over the past decade. 
He stated, "This transformation symbolises our evolution over the last
decade, as we've strived to redefine and revolutionise the wellness industry. We've grown to become your trusted family wellness centre, and it's taken us a decade of dedication and hard work to earn that trust." 
HealthLand takes pride in its operation of 32 outlets, with the addition of 10 new establishments in the current year, yet acknowledges that the journey is far from over.

In addition, Alyssa Lim, Founder & Head of Training of Inner Peace Spa Consultancy, emphasized the collaborative vision, stating,
"Together, we work towards a Malaysian business empowered by the Malaysian workforce. This is not just about training, but about nurturing local talent, creating jobs, and supporting our community."

A pivotal aspect of this partnership is the introduction of "Sinaran." In the Malay language, "Sinaran" signifies radiance, a concept that resonates deeply with the brand's logo design and ethos. "Sinaran" is poised to shed light on the timeless benefits of Urutan Malaysia, with these treatments forming the hallmark offerings of the brand.

As pioneers in the wellness industry and as Malaysians, both organisations hold a steadfast belief in the duty to share the marvels of Urutan Malaysia with the world. Recognising that success is intrinsically tied to the dedication of their staff, they jointly commit to providing unparalleled service while upholding Malaysia's core values.

This momentous occasion was graced by representatives from both organisations, including Max Phoo (Head of Innovation of HealthLand), Kahyi Cheong (Assistant Business Development Manager of HealthLand), Alyssa Lim (Founder & Head of Training of Inner Peace Spa Consultancy), and Kennedy Jie John (Managing Director of Inner Peace Spa Consultancy).

I had great experience at HealthLand Komune Living that day!

The MOU signing ceremony took place on September 20, 2023, at Komune Living & Wellness Cheras, marking the commencement of a transformative partnership poised to shape the future of healthcare and wellness.

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