Rising Star Zach Templar: The Phenomenon Behind missin something.

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Rising Star Zach Templar: The Phenomenon Behind missin something. | Zach Templar's musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and his trajectory continues to soar with each passing day. His name has become synonymous with innovation and creativity in the alternative music scene, and the catalyst for this meteoric rise is undoubtedly the viral sensation "missin something."

This mesmerizing track, featured as a pivotal part of the "orange blood" double single, has garnered widespread acclaim and solidified Zach Templar's position as a must-watch artist in the industry.


Zach Templar is a 17-year-old wunderkind self-taught producer, singer and songwriter. Based in Bristol, Zach has been releasing music on his own Violet label for the last 18 months, citing influences from the likes of Tame Impala, Montel Fish, Frank Ocean, and Mac DeMarco.

Current single missin something went viral on TikTok, culminating in a top 20 Spotify Global Viral chart placing and over 35m streams consumed to date.

Following a stream of singles released between 2020 and 2022, including the likes of skinn and violet, Zach’s fanbase started to grow exponentially online, as he demonstrated his talent as a songwriter, producer and artist - setting the stage for his two-track single at the start of this year.

With the release of orange blood in February of this year, audiences around the world fell in love with the lead track missin something – which showed off Zach’s musicianship through its infectious melodies and great song writing. The track rapidly rose into the top 20 of Spotify’s viral charts weeks after release and has since amassed over 33 million streams worldwide on Spotify to date.

Momentum has continued to grow on TikTok, Zach’s core social media platform, with over 143,000 creations on the primary sound and over 300,000 organic creations combined across all versions of the audio, including sped-up and slowed down versions.

Ahead of new music to come later this year, the Virgin team will be helping to build on from the organic growth of missin something - more details and plans to follow!

At this stage there are no concrete live moments in the schedule, but Zach is keen to make his live debut later this year with performances in London as well as aiming to hit key territories abroad following the global reach of missin something, already teasing future live shows on TikTok.

missin something Lyrics

I know you see her in me
You're in my head girl just don't leave
I know I fucked up but baby please
Oh was I never enough?
I thought I'm all you wanted

Nothing I can do
All I want is you (girl something is wrong)
I've got a feeling babe I'm missing something
All I did for you
Everything I do (girl something wrong)
I've got a feeling babe you're not worth loving

And my obsession it just won't do
'Cause all the things you did to me
You know that I
Shouldn't even be here
I don't know what I see in you
But it ain't true

Nothing I can do
All I want is you (girl something is wrong)
I got a feeling babe I'm missing something
All I did for you
Everything I do
I got a feeling babe you're not worth loving

There's nothing I can do to change your mind
And everything we did is laid behind
And all the things I'd do to love you girl
But still you don't seem to make it work (room full of lust)
But I'm sick of us
Because our times not now
I think about the things we used to do (ah)

Zach Templar's artistic journey promises to be a captivating chapter in the music industry's unfolding story. Stay tuned for the remarkable odyssey ahead.

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